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Simon Brett

Simon Brett has been a radio producer, broadcaster, actor and writer. He is the author of many crime novels, including the series featuring Mrs Pargeter, and several volumes of short stories.
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How To Be A Little Sod

Simon Brett
Simon Brett

New parents read on... Have you ever wondered, as you look down lovingly at your sleeping baby, what's really going on in that tiny mind? At last a baby tells all... How to be a Little Sod is a baby's eye view of the world - a week-by-week diary of that first traumatic year of life, which makes it quite clear who's suffering the traumas. This bestselling book is absolutely guaranteed to be of no practical use to new parents - but it has helped thousands to get through those disruptive early months. A word of warning, though - don't leave it around where babies can reach it! Illustrated by Tony Ross