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Helen Banes

Helen Banes is a fibre artist and jewellery designer. Born in Chicago in 1920, she has studied at the University of Maryland and Parsons School of Design. She is a founding member of Fiberworks Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, and the founding president of the Bead Society of Greater Washington. A desire to incorporate beads and other perforated objects into her woven pieces led to her most important artistic innovation: the method of stringing beads on a double warp, using a shaped loom on a light-weight portable board. She has given numerous lectures and workshops throughout the US and Canada, and her necklaces have been exhibited in galleries, including the Smithsonian Institute.
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Helen Banes
Helen Banes

Techniques are innovative yet simple to learnA minimum of supplies is requiredPersonalise your creations to suit your style and tasteLush full-colour photographs depict the necklaces