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Bernhard Aichner

Bernhard Aichner was born in 1972 and lives in Innsbruck/Austria, where he works as an author and photographer. Aichner writes novels, audio plays and stage plays and has been awarded several literature prizes and scholarships for his works.
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Woman of the Dead

Bernhard Aichner
Bernhard Aichner

How far would you go to avenge the one you love?Blum has a secret buried deep in her past.She thought she'd left the past behind.But then Mark, the man she loves, dies.His death looks like a hit-and-run. It isn't a hit-and-run. Mark has been killed by the men he was investigating. And then, suddenly, Blum rediscovers what she's capable of...KILL BILL meets DEXTER via THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, WOMAN OF THE DEAD is a wild ride of a thriller where the first stage of grief is revenge. And revenge is a dish best served bloody.