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Jack C Haldeman II

Jack C Haldeman (1941-2002) was an American SF author and elder brother of Joe Haldeman.
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Bill, the Galactic Hero: Planet of the Zombie Vampires

Harry Harrison, Jack C Haldeman II
Harry Harrison, Jack C Haldeman II

BILL - the perfect Starship Trooper: big, brawny, and brainwashed. Possessor of two right arms (impressive when it comes to saluting) and a foot that is threatening to turn into something more suited to being an umbrella stand than anything that could be squeezed into a size 11 sneaker. BILL - a perfect recruit for the good ship Bounty, bound for the Chinger war and carrying a cargo of as nice a company of homicidal misfits and maniacs as you could wish to meet outside of a penitentiary asylum (which is where they've just come from). BILL, THE GALACTIC HERO - he's back, he's bad and about to meet the most hideous alien lifeform of his entire career. He'd do anything to save his skin without rocking the boat - but mutiny? On the Bounty?