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Dhruv Baker

Dhruv Baker is the winner of the BBC's MasterChef 2010 and has a rich cultural background which has helped shape how he cooks and the spices he uses in his dishes - from living in Mexico to India, Spain and Tanzania, Dhruv is the perfect chef to introduce cardamom, turmeric and saffron to the modern lexicon using approachable and delicious recipes.

Visit Dhruv Baker's website at www.dhruvbaker.com and follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DhruvBaker1.

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Dhruv Baker
Dhruv Baker

Understanding the power of spice through delicious, approachable recipes.Spices are magical ingredients. Used well, they transform food from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The word 'spice' should not only mean heat or quantity of chilli in a dish. Spice is a reference to the myriad of unbelievable ingredients that for centuries were one of the primary causes of war, of piracy, of exploration and of empire building. We now have these wonderful ingredients on our doorsteps, or even closer, in our spice cupboards, but we still treat them with a degree of confusion if not suspicion. Dhruv Baker has a unique understanding of spice and layering of flavours. In this crafted recipe collection, Dhruv decodes the delicate complexities of spice and shares his spicing genius.Recipes include:Fennel and saffron butter poached lobsterPork tenderloin fritters, achari mayonnaiseCauliflower cheese with cumin and macadamia crustCardamom, salted pistachios and rose meringuesRum and star anise poached figs