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Douglas Boyd is a brilliantly gifted linguist but a musical drop-out.
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The Right Instrument For Your Child

Atarah Ben-Tovim, Douglas Boyd
Atarah Ben-Tovim, Douglas Boyd

This unique book offers a simple and practical method of selecting the right instrument for the individual child.Starting with the physical and emotional make-up of the child and using questionnaires and charts, the authors systematically explain the pros and cons of various instruments. For instance, a child who loves company might not enjoy playing the piano as it is predominantly a solo instrument. It appeals more to quiet introverts and yet many a child has been forced to learn only to give up as soon as they are allowed. As well as examining each individual instrument, the authors give advice on how some of the pitfalls can be avoided and provide information on buying and practising. Based on years of research by the authors, whose experience is unsurpassed, this is a comprehensive and inspirational book that will help unlock every child's potential.