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    • ISBN:9781780226118
    • Publication date:16 Jul 2015
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    • ISBN:9780297870234
    • Publication date:12 Jun 2014
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    • ISBN:9781409152538
    • Publication date:12 Jun 2014


True Stories and Loose Connections

By Rebecca Front

  • Hardback
  • £16.99

Autobiographical stories from the award-winning actor and comedy writer.

Autobiographical stories from the award-winning actor and comedy writer.


Sometimes things are more ordinary than you think. And sometimes they're a whole lot odder than you can possibly imagine.

Rebecca Front has always drawn on experiences from her life in her award-winning acting and comic writing. In her debut book, she reveals herself as a master storyteller: sharp, witty, honest and highly attuned to the absurdities of life and the oddities of human nature.

By turns poignant, comic and uplifting, CURIOUS is a book of stories, all of them true, though sometimes perhaps a little bent out of shape in the telling.

We learn, among other things, why a Mexican wave is a symbol of oppression, how to navigate a conversational cul-de-sac with a French vegan train driver, and why keeping a pet rabbit on a lead is perfectly normal.

This is a beguiling celebration of the curiosities of everyday life, and of what it is to be curious - in every sense of the word.

Biographical Notes

Rebecca Front is a BAFTA-winning actress and writer. She is perhaps best known for her work in television comedy series such as THE THICK OF IT, KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU WITH ALAN PARTRIDGE, NIGHTY NIGHT, and GRANDMA'S HOUSE, as well as such dramas as LEWIS and DEATH COMES TO PEMBERLEY. She has also written extensively. Her columns have appeared in the GUARDIAN, INDEPENDENT and many other publications. With her brother Jeremy she writes and stars in BBC Radio 4's INCREDIBLE WOMEN. Born in East London, she read English at St Hugh's College, Oxford, and was the first female president of the Oxford Revue.

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  • ISBN: 9780297870210
  • Publication date: 12 Jun 2014
  • Page count: 256
  • Imprint: W&N
Rebecca Front is an award-winning actress from TV political satire The Thick of It and also, it turns, out a brilliant storyteller. She's written for The Guardian and The Independent for years and Curious is her first book. Sharp, funny and often poignant, it is a collection of witty stories and sketches from her own life. — GOOD HOUSEKEEPING
Rebecca Front's playful observations about the remarkable and curious moments in everyday life meant that I read her book with a frequent smile on my face. There's an Alice-in-Wonderland charm to the writing, and the stories range from the uninvited guest who sets up home in the family living room to a witty analysis of celebrity heirarchy. It's the kind of book where certain insights and experiences stick with you - you want to tuck them safely away so you can draw on them when you need them. — Gemma Jenkins, PSYCHOLOGIES MAGAZINE
A charming collection of her life experiences - a great beach read. — SAINSBURY MAGAZINE
There is something of the cool aunt about Rebecca Front. As an actress, she is both mumsy and quietly subversive. She's equally at ease collaborating with Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci as she is in cosy crime such as Midsomer Murders and Lewis. The one constant is an eyebrow arched high. This winning delivery comes across in Curious, in which she mixes autobiography with baffled rant. And like her screen persona, her writing is funny and touching. — Christian House, DAILY TELEGRAPH
Actress Rebecca Front offers not a straight autobiography but a string of quirky stories, memories and personal anxieties. — MAIL ON SUNDAY 'EVENT'
Rebecca...has anxieties to burn, and writes amusingly and perceptively about them. — Markus Berkmann, DAILY MAIL
As you might expect from an actress who made her name in such darkly comic TV series as The Thick of It and Nighty Night, Rebecca Front tells a very funny tale. Her debut book is a gloriously entertaining collection of personal stories and anecdotes from her childhood to the present day. — HELLO!
Both original and entertaining — Viv Groskop, SUNDAY EXPRESS
A brilliant storyteller, it's the curious in the quotidian that attracts her gaze as she spins her funny and poignant tales. — Janet Christie, THE SCOTSMAN
Rebecca Front proves herself to be an entertaining raconteur, mixing personal reminscences with unusual observations of everyday life. — CHOICE
The BAFTA-winning actress, Rebecca Front, best know for her roles as MP Nicola Murray in The Thick of It and DCS Jean Innocent in Lewis, has written Curious which contains random, extremely amusing autobiographical anecdotes and yarns, giving her thoughts on everything from learning to swim and unwanted visitors, to the pros and cons of fame and her take on cosmetic surgery. — WOMAN'S WAY (Ireland)
Lively and marvellously eccentric... her sharp observations amuse and delight. — DAILY MAIL
Superbly amusing cabinet of curiosities - a mixture of autobiography and baffled rant — SUNDAY TELEGRAPH