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    • ISBN:9781409135913
    • Publication date:26 Mar 2015
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    • ISBN:9781409154419
    • Publication date:20 Nov 2014

The Night Falling

By Katherine Webb

  • Hardback
  • £16.99

The international bestseller returns with a searing new novel of secrets and feuds, set in 1920s Italy.

The international bestseller returns with a searing new novel of secrets and feuds, set in 1920s Italy.

Puglia, 1921. Leandro Cardetta, born into poverty, emigrated to America to make his fortune and has returned home to southern Italy a rich man, accompanied by his glamorous wife, Marcie, an ex-showgirl fighting middle age. Now Leandro has money enough to hire renowned English architect, Boyd Kinsgley, to renovate a crumbling palazzo into an Art Deco statement of wealth, and host Boyd's teenage son and his diffident young second wife, Clare, for one extraordinary summer.

Under the burning sky, beyond the luxury of Leandro's home, tensions are high. Veterans of the Great War are desperate for work and food. Among these is Ettore, Leandro's nephew. Gripped by grief at the loss of his fiancée, Ettore has sworn to identify Livia's killer, and take his revenge. He is too proud to go to his uncle for charity, but when he injures himself one day, he has no choice but to knock on Leandro's door. Meeting Clare there will change everything - and in the most violent way.

During the fierce summer of 1921, all these lives converge. Exactly how did Leandro grow rich in America, and what is the strange hold he has over Boyd? What happened to the first Mrs Kingsley, and what secret haunts the outwardly exuberant Marcie Cardetta? Hearts will be broken, blood will be spilt and the hardest of life's lessons will be learnt as shadows fall.

Biographical Notes

Katherine Webb was born in 1977 and grew up in rural Hampshire before reading History at Durham University. She has since spent time living in London and Venice, and now lives in Wiltshire. Having worked as a waitress, au pair, personal assistant, book binder, library assistant, seller of fairy costumes and housekeeper, she now writes full time.



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  • ISBN: 9781409131496
  • Publication date: 20 Nov 2014
  • Page count: 432
  • Imprint: Orion
It's littered with conflicts - part love story, part social and political drama, but these factors make for an exciting and unpredictable read — ESSENTIALS
This unlikely romance is set in 1920s Italy ... tension mounts as Clare becomes embroiled with Cardetta's family ... The threat of violence is never far away but nothing prepares you for the final revelations. — SUNDAY EXPRESS
Haunting and atmospheric, the story and the characters stayed with me long after I'd read the final page — Lucinda Riley
I highly recommend this book, it's one of the best stories I've ever read. — LIBRARIAN LAVENDER
A captivating, satisfying, and haunting read. — BOOKAHOLIC CONFESSIONS
Lyrical and evocative, this is a thought-provoking historical romance. — THE GOOD BOOK GUIDE
If you value skilled storytelling and evocative writing which can be savoured and lingered over, this book is for you. — The Bookbag