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    • ISBN:9781409178170
    • Publication date:27 Dec 2018
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    • ISBN:9781409178231
    • Publication date:18 Apr 2019
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    • ISBN:9781409178163
    • Publication date:18 Apr 2019

Our Life in a Day

By Jamie Fewery

  • Paperback
  • £13.99

One Day meets The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Our Life in a Day is the story of a ten-year relationship told in twenty-four individual hours - and a love story that also explores issues around male mental health.

'At last, a love story that's realistic and deals with all the issues of being in a real relationship' - Netgalley reviewer

A ten-year love story in twenty-four hours - for fans of One Day by David Nicholls, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, and The Note by Zoe Folbigg.

The rules are simple.
Choose the most significant moments from your relationship - one for each hour in the day.

You'd probably pick when you first met, right?
And the instant you knew for sure it was love?
Maybe even the time you watched the sunrise after your first night together?

But what about the car journey on the holiday where everything started to go wrong?
Or your first proper fight?

Or that time you lied about where you'd been?

It's a once in a lifetime chance to learn the truth. But if you had to be completely honest with the one you love, would you still play?

For Esme and Tom, the game is about to begin. And once they start, there's no going back . . .


What readers are saying about Our Life in a Day:

'A great portrayal of mental illness... A quite brilliant book'
'Explores depression, the spiral of addiction and the impact that mental illness has in those closest'
'I could have gone on reading about Esme and Tom forever'
'Oh my heart...I loved every page'

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  • ISBN: 9781409179030
  • Publication date: 27 Dec 2018
  • Page count: 288
  • Imprint: Orion