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By Paul McAuley
Paul McAuley
The 21st century. Europe is divided between the First World bourgeoisie, made rich by nanotechnology and the cheap versatile slave labour of genetically engineered Dolls and the Fourth World of refugees and homeless displaced by war and economic upheaval. In London, Alex Sharkey is trying to make his mark as a designer of psychoactive viruses, whilst staying one step ahead of the police and the Triad gangs. At the cost of three hours of his life, he finds an unlikely ally in a scary, super-smart little girl called Milena, but his troubles really start when he helps Milena quicken intelligence in a Doll, turning it into the first of the fairies. Milena isn't sure if she's mad or if she's the only sane person left in the world; she only knows that she wants to escape to her own private Fairyland and live forever. Although Milena has created the fairies for her own ends, some of the Folk, as fey and dangerous as any in legend, have other ideas about her destiny ...
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By Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Jon Courtenay Grimwood
No longer El Iskandryia's Chief of Detectives Ashraf Bey is taking stock of his life, but now a revolt is breaking out across North Africa and Raf comes out of retirement to investigate an assassination attempt on his Excellency.Going underground in the dangerous back-streets Raf is hunting a man and a past that he knows he will not survive for a second time. And all the while the fox haunts him, whispering cryptic messages.Felaheen is set in an alternate 21st Century where the Ottoman empire never fell. It is a stylish ands elegant novel that will appeal to crime and SF fans alike.

The Fractal Prince

By Hannu Rajaniemi
Hannu Rajaniemi
Jean le Flambeur is out of prison, but still not free. To pay his debts he has to break into the mind of a living god. But when the stakes are revealed, Jean has to decide how far he is willing to go to get the job done.The sequel to Hannu Rajaniemi's extraordinary debut novel is set to build on the extravagant promise of one of the most exciting new voices to come out of the genre this century.
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