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A Pursuit of Miracles

By George Turner
George Turner
Eight journeys into the future from this prize-winning author: a civilized society where barbarism is the norm; a search for super-intelligence that goes horribly wrong; a world where to be Non-Legal is to be non-human; an experiment to test the very nature of reality. Contains:A Pursuit of MiraclesNot in Front of the ChildrenFeedbackShut the Door When You Go OutOn the Nursery FloorIn a Petri Dish UpstairsGeneration GapThe Fittest

Phoenix in Obsidian

By Michael Moorcock
Michael Moorcock
The second book of The Eternal Champion trilogy.As Erekose, the Eternal Champion, he slew the human race that had betrayed his ideals. And loved Ermizhad, the Eldren princessThe the voices called him and he was powerless to resist. As Fate's soldier, the Eternal One, his lot was to vanquish tyranny. Sent tumbling through the corridors of eternity, he found himself transformed. Now Urlik Skarsol - he is the Prince of the Southern Ice. To find his way home, Urlik Skarsol must take up the Black Sword, the monstrous weapon that demands blood - be it friend's or foe's - before his tortured soul can rest. Before the powers of Evil can be conquered. Before he can rediscover Ermizhad.Before he can know peace again ...
  • The Paradox of the Sets: Daedalus Mission 6

    By Brian Stableford
    Brian Stableford
    The final contact made by the Daedalus Mission begins badly, even before the ship makes a hard landing in the middle of nowhere. The situation of the colony doesn't seem to make any sense, and neither does the situation of the indigenous aliens--the Sets--that have helped the colony survive and thrive. Alex Alexander doesn't take long to work out a hypothesis that might explain the mystery--a hypothesis that the people on the ground have already worked out for themselves--and he's fortunate enough to fall in with a colonist who's obsessively determined to prove the hypothesis. Unfortunately, the quest seems likely to become so dangerous that both of them might die trying--and there's too much at stake not to take it to the very limit of possibility, no matter what the cost.
  • The Paradise Game: Hooded Swan 4

    By Brian Stableford
    Brian Stableford
    In a galactic culture that extends from quasi-utopian worlds like New Alexandria to the vermin-infested slums of Old Earth, the Star-Pilots are the great heroes of the day, and Grainger has become a legend in his own time. Pharos is paradise - or so it appears. But the champions of commerce want to package and sell the planet, and the conservationists want to stop them. Grainger's employer, Titus Charlot, is enlisted to negotiate a settlement, but the game is rigged. Charlot needs the Star-Pilot's help, but there seems to be nothing he can do - until the planet's ecosystem takes a hand, and "paradise" suddenly turns deadly!
  • Promised Land: Hooded Swan 3

    By Brian Stableford
    Brian Stableford
    In a galactic culture that extends from quasi-Utopian worlds like new Rome to vermin-infested slums like Old Earth, the Star-Pilots are the great heroes of the day, and Grainger has become a legend in his own time, flying the revolutionary ship, Hooded Swan. The rain forest of Chao Phrya seems a more hospitable place than the Halcyon Drift or the underground world of Rhapsody, scenes of Grainger's previous adventures. But the colonists of the jungle planet are crazed and the indigenous population enigmatic; and Grainger must must undertake a mission that requires a lengthy journey on foot through the dense forest. His quest seems awkward, hazardous, and doomed to failure - and that's before the giant spiders make their appearance!


    By Neil Charles, Denis Hughes
    Neil Charles, Denis Hughes
    Man is established on Kliron XIV, a dark, bleak, barren little globe used solely as a base for spatial patrol ships. Life on Kliron is no bed of roses, but it is only when faced by perils that seem at first too incredible to believe that the best - and worst - is revealed in men. Here in Kliron XIV just such a peril materialises. For the first time in their lives men find themselves confronted by an enemy against which no weapon can prevail. Worse even than the Master Entity, the Gargantua are its slaves, evil Flowers of Darkness that bloom where no life can exist . . .

    Purple Islands

    By Dee Carter, Denis Hughes
    Dee Carter, Denis Hughes
    To leave the earth in a vessel designed to ride the emptiness of outer space would certainly demand of its crew the very highest qualities of courage and determination. But if the journey was to be a one-way trip with the objective of establishing an offshoot of humanity on a distant world, then every mortal quality would have to be considerably strengthened. Such was the project launched by Doctor Helenus Smith. He selected his crew with apparently small regard for the obvious essentials, his motivations for doing so kept close to his chest. The trouble began when a nameless world interposed itself on their course, appearing from nowhere, and upon which they were unexpectedly forced to land . . .


    By Charles Platt
    Charles Platt
    In this powerful, breathless adventure, a benign system of artificial intelligence has taken over the world - and the galaxy beyond. Everyone is biologically immortal; no one is hungry; and there are thousands of colonized planets to choose from. The AIs nurture and protect human beings, enabling all people to enjoy lives of hedonistic pleasure. But when the systems that run a planet become corrupted, the consequences are catastrophic. A man with a rare mix of personality traits - one part computer engineer, one part special investigator, and one part sociopathic rebel - is the only recourse as a world of decadence becomes a world of death and pain.

    Pardon This Intrusion

    By John Clute
    John Clute
    Pardon This Intrusion gathers together 47 pieces by John Clute, some written as long ago as 1985, though most are recent. The addresses and essays in Part One, "Fantastika in the World Storm", all written in the twenty-first century, reflect upon the dynamic relationship between fantastika - an umbrella term Clute uses to describe science fiction, horror and fantasy - and the world we live in now. Of these pieces, "Next", a contemporary response to 9/11, has not been revised; everything else in Part One has been reworked, sometimes extensively. Parts Two, Three and Four include essays and author studies and introductions to particular works; as they are mostly recent, Clute has felt free to rework them where necessary. The few early pieces - including "Lunch with AJ and the WOMBATS", a response to the Scientology scandal at the Brighton WorldCon in 1987 - are unchanged.
  • Proud Man

    By Murray Constantine
    Murray Constantine
    Originally published in England in 1934, this searing, still timely novel offers and incisive critique of the sexual politics and militarism of England, and the West as a whole.Proud Man is told from the perspective of a "Genuine Person" who has been thrown back in time thousands of years from a peaceful future society. The Genuine Person comes from a people that are androgynous, self-fertilizing, and vegetarian; they live without a national government and artificial social divisions of gender and class. Taking on first female, then male form, the "Genuine Person" confronts the deeply troubled reality of England in the 1930s, still battered after one World War and on the road to another.

    People of Asa

    By Marvin Ashton, Denis Hughes
    Marvin Ashton, Denis Hughes
    Until the coming of the People of Asa, the world of Man went its own, often quarrelsome, way along the road of human advancement. There were many pitfalls on the road, conflict and misery often going hand-in-hand; but there was happiness as well. It was, for us and millions more, a happiness interrupted by the terrible advent of the worst scourge ever visited on Man - an alien invasion of the Earth's surface by beings of diabolical power.Rising from the deeps, wielding weapons hitherto beyond mortal conception, the Asans wrought havoc on a fearful scale. Picked out from our fellow men, we witnessed scenes of appalling chaos, experiencing as well a measure of the seeming magic of which these beings were capable. Only when all seemed lost did the fortunes of mankind change, and that in a manner we none of us dared to hope...

    Prisoners of Saturn

    By Donald Suddaby
    Donald Suddaby
    Originally published in 1957, Prisoners of Saturn is an inter-planetary adventure.

    Pagan Passions

    By Randall Garrett, Laurence M. Janifer
    Randall Garrett, Laurence M. Janifer
    The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece and Rome had returned to Earth - with all their awesome powers intact. Overnight, Earth was transformed. War on any scale was outlawed, along with boom-and-bust economic cycles, and prudery. No change was more startling than the face of New York, where the Empire State Building became the Tower of Zeus. In this totally altered world, William Forrester is an acolyte of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, and a teacher of history. Only Maya Wilson, one of his students and a worshipper of Venus, Goddess of Love, had a different sort of grading in mind. Maya is the first of the many Trials of Forrester, every bit as mighty and perilous as the Labors of Hercules. In love with Gerda Symes (like him, a devotee of Athena and a frequenter of the great Temple of Pallas Athena - formerly known as the 42nd Street Library) and dedicated to the pleasures of the mind - Forrester falls under the soft, compelling pressure of soft, compelling devotees of Venus and Bacchus. He's going to be in need of all the strength that he and his Goddess, the beautiful and intellectual Athena, can muster!Into this sensuous strife stride the Temple Myrmidons - religious cops sworn to obey orders without question or hesitation - with a pickup order for William Forrester. Where he is taken, what happens to him, and the truly fantastic discoveries he makes about himself and the Gods and Goddesses ... here are the ingredients that make up this science fiction novel of suspense, intrigue, mystery and danger!

    A Plague of Demons

    By Keith Laumer
    Keith Laumer
    THE DEMONS HAD TO STOP JOHN BRAVAISHis secret assignment was simply - to save mankind from the savage dog-like 'things' that used their hands like men. Yet an unknown number of apparently 'human' beings were against him too.First transformed by surgery into a superman, John Bravais probes ever more deeply into the secret nightmare world of the 'things'. At last, when only his mind remains - trapped in a vast robot war machine on the moon - only by an immense act of will-power can he give humanity a future.

    Past Master

    By R. A. Lafferty
    R. A. Lafferty
    The golden planet of Astrobe, made in the image of Utopia, now faced a crisis which could destroy it forever; and yet, no one could understand it: In a world where wealth & comfort were free to everyone, why did so many desert the golden cities for the slums of Cathead and the Barrio? Why did they turn away from the Astrobe dream and seek lives of bone-crushing work, squalor and disease?The rulers of Astrobe didn't know, so they sought in humankind's past for a leader who could give them the answers. They brought to life the one man out of history who would most want to destroy Astrobe!

    The Poison Belt

    By Arthur Conan Doyle
    Arthur Conan Doyle
    Must Professor George Challenger and friends, barricaded in a room, see Earth die? As our globe passes through a belt of poisonous ether, terror sweeps mankind; cities riot; communications cease.

    Planet of Exile

    By Ursula K. Le Guin
    Ursula K. Le Guin
    The Earth colony of Landin has been stranded on Werel for ten years - and each of Werel's years is over 60 terrestrial years! After so long an exile, the lonely and dwindling human settlement is beginning to feel the strain. Every winter - a season that lasts a decade and a half - the Earthmen have neighbours: the humanoid hilfs, a nomadic people who only settle down for the cruel cold spell. The hilfs fear the Earthmen, whom they think of as witches, and call the farborns. But both peoples have common enemies: the hordes of ravaging barbarians called gaals, and eerie preying snow ghouls. Can the hilfs and the farborns overcome their mutual suspicions and join forces? Or will they both be annihilated?

    The Purple Wizard

    By John Russell Fearn, Volsted Gridban
    John Russell Fearn, Volsted Gridban
    To satisfy the belief of Professor Addison that Entropy can be controlled, to produce a backward and forward movement through the condition known as Time, Kitty Addison and her fiance, Arthur Davis, consent to being projected to the year corresponding to Arthur Addison's telephone number - which happens to be 828. Accordingly, the two young people find themselves in the world of the past, back in the darkest medieval times.


    By Judith Moffett
    Judith Moffett
    Pennterra is a beautiful and fertile planet and humanity's last hope for survival. But Pennterra is already inhabited. After warning other colony ships to stay away, the small advance colony of Quakers has adapted to life on Pennterra. Heeding the empathic warnings of the native hrossa, they have settled in a single valley, sharply limited their population, and continued to use no heavy machinery in their building and farming. But surviving under these conditions has left the Quakers little time to learn more about their native neighbors. Catastrophe or peace-Tanka Wakan, the omnipotent master spirit of Pennterra, will decide.

    Pioneer 1990

    By John Russell Fearn, Vargo Statten
    John Russell Fearn, Vargo Statten
    From the ether came mysterious messages announcing that a hitherto unknown Englishman had conquered space, flown to Venus, and is now on his way back to Earth. The fact that science's most highly developed range and frequency finders are unable to pinpoint the actual source of the voice is looked upon as absolute proof that they are hearing from outer space. The aggressive and autocratic quality about the way in which the eccentric Ardath Steele makes his proclamations not only annoys Betty Travers, ace reporter on the Daily Searchlight, but also deciders her to embark on a one-woman vendetta to prove that Steele is an impostor. Even when the spaceship finally lands she remains the only sceptic in a country full of pride in its first space explorer.