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The Girl in 6E

By A.R. Torre
A.R. Torre
A dark and sexy thriller perfect for fans of L. S. Hilton's Maestra and Gillian Flynn's Gone GirlDeanna Madden, aka Jessica Reilly, hasn't touched another person in three years. She hasn't left her apartment. She makes money from performing to webcams on a sex site, where her clients pay $6.99 a minute for her time.She's doing alright. The dollars are piling up in the bank. She's the number 3 model on she hasn't killed anyone for years.But when Deanna sees on the news that a little girl called Annie has gone missing, the story rattles her carefully ordered world. It's uncomfortably similar to the dark fantasy of one of her most disturbing online clients. She's convinced he's responsible for the girl's abduction - but no one will listen to her.So, after three years, Deanna finally leaves the apartment.And this is what happens...
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Cracks in the Armour

By Helena Hunting
Helena Hunting
A dangerously compelling short story from the author of CLIPPED WINGS.When Tenley Page flees Chicago and leaves Hayden on his own, Chris does what he can to halt the inevitable downward spiral Hayden starts to fall into. But while stopping his best friend from going off the deep end, Chris he finds himself navigating his own growing feelings for Sarah, a waitress from the local strip joint.
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The Eighty Days Collection

By Vina Jackson
Vina Jackson
Eighty Days YellowWhen passionate, flame-haired violinist Summer meets Dominik, a university professor with powerful desires, she is unable to deny her attraction to him. Following a very private performance, the Summer and Dominik embark on an intense affair full of daring twists and turns, as unpredictable as it is thrilling. For Summer it is a chance to finally embrace her long-denied dark side, but she'll soon learn that where there's pleasure must come pain. And can a relationship born of such all-consuming passion, ever really survive?Eighty Days BlueRecently settled in New York but unable to escape the bittersweet memories of her time with Dominik, Summer is enjoying life as a successful violinist with a major orchestra. Under the watchful eye of Simón, her attractive Venezuelan conductor, Summer and her career flourish. But a new city brings fresh temptations, and it isn't long before Summer is lured back to a dangerous underground world of intrigue and desire that she thought she'd left behind her for good.Eighty Days RedWorld-renowned violinist Summer Zahova returns to London - the city where, for her, it all began. Free and single in the hedonistic capital, Summer embarks on a series of steamy affairs. But when Summer's priceless violin is stolen, fate brings wealthy and charismatic Dominik back into her life. Neither Summer nor Dominik can deny the obsession that still exists between them, but history has left its scars, and both realise that love and passion can't always go hand in hand. Summer knows that if she plays with fire, she'll end up getting burned, but then there are some pleasures that are just too hard to deny...Can Summer and Dominik overcome the obstacles that stand between them, and will Summer choose to follow her head or her heart?Eighty Days AmberWhen she moves to New York, Russian dancer Luba falls for Chey, a handsome, enigmatic rare amber dealer who sweeps Luba off her feet. But Chey has a shocking secret and when Luba discovers it she knows she must flee from the man she loves. From elite private clubs in New Orleans to the London mansion of enigmatic rock star Viggo Franck, Luba sets out on a journey of self-discovery and embraces the exciting, enticing experiences now available to her. Her adventures introduce her to a passionate violinist, Summer, and Lauralynn, a woman with decidedly dark desires. But can this new life ever truly satisfy Luba, or will she forever crave the one man she knows isn't good for her?Eighty Days of Christmas: A Short StoryWhat do you get the man who has everything for Christmas? This is the big question for Summer as she plans the perfect festive surprise for Dominik. With the help of her mischievous friend Lauralynn, Summer devises an extra special gift for the man she loves - and one he's unlikely to forget in a hurry!
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The Circle

By N. T. Morley
N. T. Morley
Take a walk on the wild side with Neon erotica - strictly adults-only"'Gina stood there blinking in surprise. The driver laughed a little, recognizing the shock on Gina's face."Interested in a little fun?" the woman said, her voice playful and teasing."Hey, that's my line," said Gina."Well then," said the woman. "Get in."'Gina, a high-class 'working girl', encounters a mysterious woman who pays her to indulge her unexpectedly kinky whims. Gina finds herself increasingly aroused by her encounters with Miranda, expanding the limits of her sexualknowledge further than she could ever imagine. Gradually, she is willingly introduced to a range of partners who further increase her pleasure, creating a circle of friends who just couldn't be closer. . .
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