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Anything We Love Can Be Saved

By Alice Walker
Alice Walker
From the author of THE COLOR PURPLE, a unique collection of essays about her life and her activism'The passion of lyricism that Alice Walker put to such good use in her novel The Color Purple is here in this collection of essays' Fay Weldon, Mail on SundayIn a world where cynicism and political apathy is commonplace, it is refreshing and inspiring to read the words of Alice Walker. For she believes that the things we treasure, and the world we live in, can all be saved if only we will act. Beginning with an autobiographical essay about the roots of her own activism, Alice Walker then goes on to explore diverse public issues such as single parenthood, freedom of the press, civil rights and religion.
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Art Of Seed Beading

By Jane Davis, Elizabeth Gourley, Ellen Talbott
Jane Davis, Elizabeth Gourley, Ellen Talbott
Beading books tend to concentrate on one technique and ignore or only briefly mention other ones. Here we find a wealth of methods and projects. For each, instructions come first, after breezing through a history and overview of equipment, the authors emphasise the how-to in such elaborate processes as tubular beaded crochet. All complete with colour graphs, list of materials, size and measurements, a colour photo, diagrams and directions.

Art Of Intarsia

By Garnett Hall
Garnett Hall
Intarsia ¿ the art of cutting out, then fitting together thin, different-coloured and textured wooden pieces ¿ is a craft of precision and artistry which dates back to the Dark Ages, and can be enjoyed on many levels. This book attempts to introduce modern intarsia art and its related skills to the woodworking enthusiast. Starting with the fundamentals, Art of Intarsia guides the novice through the three beginning pieces with explicit instructions. In no time you will have honed your skills and can embark on any of the other 17 projects, adding a new dimension to your woodworking.