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By Hugh Bicheno
Hugh Bicheno
The lives and loves of the great condottieriFederigo da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino, was the archetypal 'Renaissance man': a brilliant soldier, scholar and ally of the pope, he spent much of the vast wealth on commissioning artists to decorate the city.Sigismondo Malatesta, lord of the neighbouring city of Rimini, was also a brilliant soldier and generous patron of the arts. He and Federigo were locked in an epic feud which saw them fight as mercenaries for and against just about every Italian ruler of note, so long as the other was on the opposite side.Together they epitomised the spirit of the condottieri - the contract army leaders who drove the explosion of new political, commercial and artistic ideas that has since become known as the Renaissance.
  • The War Walk

    By Nigel Jones
    Nigel Jones
    A tourist guide, a history and a personal story of the Western Front 1914-18Nigel Jones's uncle was killed in action near Ypres in 1915, aged just eighteen, and his father served on Field Marshal Haig's staff: no wonder then, that he has always been fascinated by the First World War.THE WAR WALK describes his pilgrimage to the Western Front battlefields: it is a compelling blend of history, travel and personal anecdotes from some of the last surviving veterans of the First World War. He follows the old trench networks from the Belgian coast to the Swiss frontier, bringing each battlefield to life with vivid eyewitness testimony and investigating how the sites are preserved today for modern visitors.

    Windows on the World Complete Wine Course 2002 Edition

    By Philip Zeigler
    Philip Zeigler
    It remains packed with full colour labels and maps, puts forward the most up-to-date recommendations, and best of all, features Kevin Zraly¿s inimitable, irreverent approach. This unbeatable 'course' answers all your questions and starts you on your way to becoming a wine connoisseur. Go through the tasting process, from swirling the glass to sniffing and sipping, knowing when a wine is at its peak for drinking, and learn what to look for on a label.

    Windows On The World Complete Wine Course 2001 Edition

    By Philip Zeigler
    Philip Zeigler
    One of the best start-from-scratch wine books ever writtenIncludes full-colour labels and maps, up-to-date recommendations, fascinating sidebars, a glossary of wine terms, award-winning restaurant wine lists, advice on matching wine with food, ordering it in restaurants and moreThis revised 2001 edition has 16 new pages ¿ a new question-and-answer section, new labels and revised vintagesA complex subject simplified and made fun in the process