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History In Quotations

By M.J. Cohen, John Major
M.J. Cohen, John Major
'History in Quotations' is an exciting and original work of historical reference. From the Iraq of ancient Babylon to the Iraq war of 2003 - taking in the histories of Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia in a grand global sweep - it uses the innovative medium of some 9000 chronologically arranged quotations to tell the story of more than 5000 years of recorded history.The quotations are presented in 90 chapters, each of which focuses on a key historical theme or period. Every quotation is accompanied by details of its source, and, where necessary, by an explanatory contextual gloss. Cross-references guide the user from one quotation to another, related by its subject or its author. A comprehensive index of speakers and subjects allows the user to locate quotations by individual speakers and on specific historical subjects quickly and without fuss.Simultaneously a work of historical reference and an addictively browsable work of popular history, 'History in Quotations' gives the reader a front-row seat at the unfolding drama of 5000 years of recorded history. Here, expressed through a multitude of historical voices, are words that gave expression to new religious and political creeds; words that voiced the aspirations of the oppressed; words that set nation at war with nation; words that sealed the fates of millions: above all - words that have made history.

The Secret Life of the English Language

By Martin H. Manser, David Pickering
Martin H. Manser
Co Writer:
David Pickering
A more-ishly browsable collection of words and phrases, linguistic quirks, lexical oddities and syntactic surprises.Our langauge is one of delight and curiosity. BUTTERING PARSNIPS, TWOCKING CHAVS is a guided tour of English, exploring the origins of words, their changing meaning, lexical peculiarities, word games and lost words, presented in lists, small passages of narrative text, amusing quotations and nuggets of amazing facts.This must-have compendium shows that words have a matchless power to entertain. Here you will find enough new words and phrases to last a lifetime. Idioms frolic beside cliches, catchphrases, proverbs, eponyms, acronyms, spoonerisms and split infinitives. Text messages cavort alongside business jargon and rap slang to produce a language that is both witty and bizarre, and sometimes frankly outstanding.So whether you're a yuppie or a woopie, a sinbad or dinky, a spod or even a wazzock, these pages will provide endless hours of delight and fascination.
  • Little Giant Encyclopedia of Lucky Numbers

    By Group Diagram
    Group Diagram
    Numerology can help us fathom the nature of the human soul, enrich our relationships and guide us towards a happier future. Within these many pages you will find in-depth information on lucky numbers for each sign of the zodiac, the geography of numbers, dividing the future with cards, dice, or dominoes, and using numbers to choose the right day for particular activities. Through calculations that refer to birth dates and given names, you can identify personal traits and influences that will increase your own self awareness and help determine when friends and family are at their most receptive.
  • Little Giant Encyclopedia of Etiquette

    By Michael Macfarlane
    Michael Macfarlane
    Lots of manuals tell you what¿s currently socially acceptable behaviour, but now you can get a truly encyclopaedic view of etiquette that explains the historical reasons for a particular faux pas, as well as the differences in etiquette from one culture to another. You¿ll find essential information, whether you¿re dating someone from another social background, or whether your life put you in contact with people from other cultures. Every social situation is covered, from formal dinners to intimate settings, and from weddings and funerals to successful business etiquette. You also learn to cope fast with fast changing new rules for the internet, mobile phones, pagers, and other creations of technological revolution.

    Windows on the World Complete Wine Course 2002 Edition

    By Philip Zeigler
    Philip Zeigler
    It remains packed with full colour labels and maps, puts forward the most up-to-date recommendations, and best of all, features Kevin Zraly¿s inimitable, irreverent approach. This unbeatable 'course' answers all your questions and starts you on your way to becoming a wine connoisseur. Go through the tasting process, from swirling the glass to sniffing and sipping, knowing when a wine is at its peak for drinking, and learn what to look for on a label.
  • Little Giant Encyclopedia Of Proverbs

    By David Macfarlane
    David Macfarlane
    For your amusement, for your edification and inspiration, for livening up that speech you have to give: proverbs have an irresistible power. These little pockesots of wisdom say volumes about a culture ¿ so take a tour around the world in words.. You¿ll encounter the lively and colourful sayings from all around the world: Africa and its diaspora (Haiti, Jamaica, and African-American); Central and South America; Mexico; Native American; China, Japan; Italy; Ireland; Scotland; Israel; and the Arab nations..

    Summer Cocktails

    By Salvatore Calabrese
    Salvatore Calabrese
    When the sun is shining, the living is easy, and everyone is busy working up a thirst, a summer cocktail refreshes better than anything else. And what better way to quench your thirst than with this fabulous collection of recipes by Salvatore Calabrese. Find the blender and start peeling the exotic fruit to create such cool and tantalising cocktails as a Melon Martini or a Mint Julep.

    Midnight Diaries

    By Boris Yeltsin
    Boris Yeltsin
    The only Russian leader in more than a century not to be overthrown or die in office reveals the story of his 10 years in power.The struggles and upheavals in Russia over the last few years seen from the top - Boris Yeltsin was the President of Russia for a decade. He overcame the coup of 1991, he developed good relationships with world leaders from Clinton to Helmut Kohl.What was the chemistry of his meetings with Jacques Chirac, Tony Blair and Ziang Zhao Min? How did he get on when the Queen visited Moscow, the first British monarch to step onto Russian soil since before the first world war? Yeltsin gives his account of the revolution in Chechnya; he explains his feelings on the former Yugoslavia imbroglio and why Russia couldn't intervene more effectively. Here is Yeltsin on his own often unreliable health, his quintuple bypass surgery, his depression and how he survived to retire on the eve of the new millennium.Yeltsin gives his views on a non Communist Russia, democracy, the struggling economy, the mafia - and his own determination to give the citizens of his country a better future than its glorious but authoritarian past.

    Windows On The World Complete Wine Course 2001 Edition

    By Philip Zeigler
    Philip Zeigler
    One of the best start-from-scratch wine books ever writtenIncludes full-colour labels and maps, up-to-date recommendations, fascinating sidebars, a glossary of wine terms, award-winning restaurant wine lists, advice on matching wine with food, ordering it in restaurants and moreThis revised 2001 edition has 16 new pages ¿ a new question-and-answer section, new labels and revised vintagesA complex subject simplified and made fun in the process

    Wedding Vows

    By Michael Macfarlane
    Michael Macfarlane
    An invaluable reference book for all those couples now choosing a civil ceremony for their wedding

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