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It Happened on Maple Street

By Tara Taylor Quinn
Tara Taylor Quinn
The True Romance series - the first series based on real-life love stories!The quintessential small-town girl with her nose in a book, Tara had never been kissed when she met Tim on her first day in college. As she fell hard and fast for the hunky great-hair guy, Tara dreamed of sharing the rest of her life with him. But it was another man's hand who shattered her trust and stole her saved innocence on one fateful night. And yet another man she lay cold beside in a loveless marriage-of-convenience bed. Yes, bad things happened after Tara broke up with Tim. Things that she hid between the pages of the romance novels she wrote under the name 'Tara Taylor Quinn.' Then, an unexpected e-mail message from Tim brings the past into shocking focus. He's never forgotten her. Can love be as real as the kind she writes about? Is it possible that after years of emotional isolation, this best-selling author may finally embrace a happily-ever-after of her own?
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The Icing on the Cake

By Alison Kent
Alison Kent
The True Romance series - the first series based on real-life love stories!An online dating service is not Michelle's idea of how to find love, but when the Big 3-0 hits, Michelle decides she has nothing to lose since she hasn't brought a date home in ten years, is professionally burned out, and her climb up the corporate ladder has come at the expense of abandoning her dream: to own a boutique cupcakery.Todd isn't exactly a player having been off the market for ten years and decides to give a try. He isn't so sure the Internet dating scene is his thing - until a message pops up in the early hours on a weekend night: 'I like your smile.' Todd likes - a lot - the whole package that glides into a French bistro in Washington, D.C. But there's a glitch: Todd and Michelle live in different cities. Will love find its way? And when Todd challenges Michelle to not only go for her dream but let him share it, will they be able to make it happen together?
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