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Wedding Bells for Nurse Connie

By Jean Fullerton
Jean Fullerton
East End saga queen Jean Fullerton returns with a delightful new novel in the Nurse Connie seriesIt's 1948 and the nurses of the East End of London are making the most of life post-war. For Connie in particular, things are looking rosy as she looks forward to planning a future with her sweetheart, Malcolm. But, as many a young bride-to-be has proved, the course of true love never did run smooth and Connie finds herself having to grapple with interfering mothers and Malcolm's reluctance to set the date. But while there are many obstacles to overcome before walking down the aisle, at least Connie can relax in the knowledge that she'll soon be married to the man of her dreams, can't she? Life at work isn't all smooth sailing either. The newly-formed NHS is keeping the nurses of Fry House extremely busy and as ever in the life of a nurse heartbreak lurks at every turn. But there are some new faces to keep things interesting. And one in particular might be the answer to all of Connie's problems...
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Work of Heart

By Cindi Myers
Cindi Myers
The True Romance series - the first series based on real-life love stories!Nina Barry is an accomplished painter who sees the world through kaleidoscope eyes. When fate blows her a kiss in the form of DJ Danny de Zayas at a Brooklyn hotspot, her heart spins. Although Danny appears to have it all, he is missing the one thing he most wants: Nina. They're such close friends that they share their innermost secrets - except for their secret longing for each other. That is, until they end up sharing more than a campfire over Independence Day. The fireworks between them sizzle and burn, launching them into a dimension of intimacy that is too intense to ever be broken ... Or can it? What happens when Danny's travels put more than physical distance between them? And when Nina's starving-artist existence clashes with Danny's flush independence, will he fight for her? What can Danny do to convince Nina he's meant to be her one and only lover, her partner for life?
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