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Mail Obsession

By Mark Mason
Mark Mason
'FASCINATING' Daily Mail'FULL OF AMAZING FACTS' The QI ElvesEach of the United Kingdom's 124 postcode areas has a story to tell, an unexpected nugget to dust off and treasure. Mark Mason has embarked on a tour of the country, immersing himself in Britain's history on a roundabout journey from AB to ZE. On the lookout for interesting place names and unusual monuments, along the way he discovers what the Queen keeps in her handbag, why the Jack Russell has a white coat and how Jimi Hendrix got confused by the M1. At the same time Mason paints an affectionate portrait of Britain in the 21st century, from aggressive seagulls in Blackpool to 'seasoned' drinkers in Surrey. And his travels offer the perfect opportunity to delve into the history of the Royal Mail, complete with pillar boxes, posties and Penny Reds - plus Oscar Wilde's unconventional method of posting a letter. A playful mix of fact, anecdote and overheard conversation, MAIL OBSESSION pays homage to Britain's wonderful past and its curious present.
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The Mistakes You Make At Bridge

By Terence Reese, Roger Trezel, Ron Klinger
Terence Reese, Roger Trezel, Ron Klinger
Both Terence Reese and Roger Trezel were brilliant players and Reese possessed a legendary skill in imparting a great knowledge of bridge with supreme lucidity. It was not their intention to present a complete museum of horrors, but to concentrate instead on the sort of mistakes that quite experienced players commit all the time.Since the original book appeared 30 years ago, bidding methods and styles have changed considerably but the wisdom in these pages has weathered the years - and has been revised by Ron Klinger, himself an international not only as an author but also as a teacher and player. In particular the bidding style has been brought into the 21st century, but without losing any of the sparkle or clarity of the original work.

More Killing Defence at Bridge

By Hugh Kelsey
Hugh Kelsey
How many times have you found yourself defending and wriggling with anguish at having to discard apparently certain winners? Hugh Kelsey's target here is to help you to avoid such pain - and other agonies that a competent declarer may inflict. By developing your insights into the hidden possibilities in the lie and play of the cards, this book will make you a sought-after partner and a respected (and feared!) opponent.
  • Modern Losing Trick Count Flipper

    By Ron Klinger
    Ron Klinger
    The Losing Trick Count is a way of measuring the trick-taking potential of a trump contract. It enables you to calculate the playing-strength, the tricks in your own hand and to estimate those in your partner's hand. Used correctly the LTC is a vastly superior valuation technique for accurate bidding.
  • Miracles Of Card Play

    By David Bird, Terence Reese
    David Bird, Terence Reese
    MIRACLES OF CARD PLAY led the way for the hugely entertaining series of stories about the bridge-playing monks of St Titus. It would be no exaggeration to say that this series of hilarious stories is without equal in world bridge and is a tribute to the bridge and writing skills of two very distinguished authors.


    By Patti Miller
    Patti Miller
    We all have a story to tell - whether it is a story of a migrant childhood, a difficult past, adopting a child, riding a bike across India, or simply a contemplative year in a garden. With these stories we make sense of ourselves and the world around us.Memoir - writing about an aspect of a life rather than a whole life - expresses and shapes these stories within us so that the writing becomes more than a record, it becomes a creative journey.Drawing on Patti's extensive teaching and writing experience, and using examples and exercises, The Memoir Book provides invaluable insight on how to find your topic, develop narrative voice, find a balance between factual truth and vivid story-telling, explore creative ways of structuring memories, and helps identify the best form for your writing - whether it be literary memoir, narrative non-fiction, sojourn and travel writing, or even the personal essay.Written in Patti's warm, clear and conversational style, this book is an essential guide for anyone who wants to write memoir or extend the possibilities of autobiography and non-fiction. The Memoir Book, a companion volume to her highly successful guide Writing Your Life, provides inspiration and practical advice for both new and experienced writers exploring the popular genre of memoir.
  • Memory-Aids and Useful Rules Flipper

    By Ron Klinger
    Ron Klinger
    This Fast Fact Finder provides memory-aids for use in bidding and play. It also gives the key numerical rules which guide players in specific bidding and play situations, an example being the Rule of Eleven used in card play after an opening lead.This Flipper has a very wide appeal and should have a considerable continuing sale to bridge players.
  • Masterpieces of Defence

    By Julian Pottage
    Julian Pottage
    Defence: the mere sound of the word can cause bridge players to step back a pace. Yet the fact remains that you will defend roughly twice as many hands as you declare. A truly solid grasp of what it takes to break a contract is thus a key element of winning on a regular basis.Happily Julian Pottage unravel some of the mysteries surrounding defensive play. He shows how players at all levels can exploit their talents by following a few simple pieces of advice.

    Mind Workout Puzzles

    By Terry Stickels
    Terry Stickels
    Improve your intellectual flexibility and ability to problem-solve in all facets of life with 90 conundrums that include word and math puzzles, visual dilemmas, codes to crack, patterns and series to complete, analytical reasoning tests, probabilities, and more. You don¿t need any special skills or talents to find the answers, just a little imagination, perseverance, patience, and maybe an occasional hint. And you¿ll find, to your great pleasure, that the more you do, the better you¿ll get.
  • Masterpieces Of Declarer Play

    By Julian Pottage
    Julian Pottage
    Every page of Masterpieces of Declarer Play offers a piece of wisdom on how to play as a declarer. Together with the companion book on defence, this book captures the essence of the author's extensive knowledge about and instinct for the game. It additionally features a refreshing and exciting collection of hands which will be appreciated by any bridge player. The advice is certain to improve your game while the classic hands will keep you turning the pages.
  • The Modern Losing Trick Count

    By Ron Klinger
    Ron Klinger
    If you want to bid accurately and achieve greatly improved results at the bridge table, you have to master the Losing Trick Count. It is a tried and tested method of hand evaluation which has stood the test of time. Ron Klinger, famous international player, author and teacher who has more books to his credit than many players have had good hands, has brought the LTC up to date by relating it to modern systems and conventions.Now in its fifteenth impression since original publication, this remarkable book is set to hold its place as the standard text on the Losing Trick Count.

    Making The Most Of your Sewing Machine & Serger Accessories

    By Joanne Pugh-Gannon
    Joanne Pugh-Gannon
    Get to know all of the ins and outs of every feature and a range of accessories.Point by point labelled photos of the machines.

    Marie Barber's 515 Inspiring Cross-Stitch Designs

    By Marie Barber
    Marie Barber
    All designs are illustrated in colour throughoutDesigns are all based on heart-warming themes to inspire your stitching!

    Mighty Mini Mind Bogglers

    By Karen C. Richards
    Karen C. Richards
    Endorsed by American Mensa

    Making Lovable Teddy Bears & Clothes

    By Franz Thileman
    Franz Thileman

    Making Scrapbooks

    By Vanessa Ann
    Vanessa Ann

    Mah Jongg

    By Dieter Kohnen
    Dieter Kohnen

    Mind Bafflers

    By George Summers
    George Summers

    Making & Flying Stunt Kites & One-Liners

    By Wolfgang Schimmelfenig
    Wolfgang Schimmelfenig