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Hungarian Rhapsody

By Sephera Giron
Sephera Giron
Take a walk on the wild side with Neon erotica - strictly adults-only'Her employer was a fair enough man, a little odd but surely no threat. He had never coerced her into any action where she wasn't comfortable. She had thought that it was pretty much certain that she would be expected to perform specific favors to earn her keep. But so far, she saw less of Vidor then she had at the tavern.'Hester soon begins to experience new and altogether unexpected sexual pleasures with her master and his servants, both male and female...
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By Desiree Knight
Desiree Knight
Take a walk on the wild side with Neon erotica - strictly adults-only"So, what's your experience, that Carnival Diabolik should hire you?"She thought for a moment, not wanting to say she was a dancer. Not wanting to give anything away that would leave tracks. "I can do a lot of different jobs. I'm up for anything."The pause at the other end of the line went on so long she finally said, "Hello? Are you still there?""Well, Morgan Starlight, you're in luck, being in Montréal, and being so excited about doing anything. The show is about to head out on a cross-country tour. You think you can get to the carnival grounds before midnight...?"On the run from a troubled past, Morgan finds some unexpected new sexual experiences when she joins the cast and crew of the Carnival Diabolik. Her versatility as a performer, both on and off stage, leaves little to the imagination...
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