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By Tom Grass
Tom Grass
Eighteen-year-old Twist, one of the most daring street artists in London, doesn't have much. No money, no home and no family. When he finds himself on the run from the police, Twist knows he's about to lose the one thing he has left - his freedom.That's when he's saved by the mysterious Dodge who introduces him to charismatic art 'collector' Cornelius Fagin and the beautiful but dangerous Red. Fagin has a big deal coming up involving the theft of a series of priceless paintings and Twist is just the man he needs for the job.Twist is soon drawn deeper into the group and thinks he finally has the chance to be part of something. But as his feelings for Red grow, he discovers she has a secret - one that binds her to the bullying Bill Sikes and means that, unbeknownst to Fagin and the crew, they are no longer playing for money. They're playing for their lives.From a brutal east London estate, across the rooftops and skyscrapers of the city, to a glittering auction at the top of the Shard, TWIST doesn't let up.
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Tell It To The Skies

By Erica James
Erica James
First love can last a lifetime...Set in the beautiful city of Venice, a captivating novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of SUMMER AT THE LAKE.Venice has been Lydia's home for many years, a place where she has found peace and fulfilment. Then one day she glimpses a young man's face in the crowd that threatens to change everything. He's a heart-stopping reminder of a dreadful secret she believed she had banished to the past...As a young child, Lydia and her sister were sent to live with grandparents they'd never even met before. It was a cruel and loveless new world for them and it forced Lydia to grow up fast. She learned to keep secrets and to trust sparingly, and through it all she was shadowed by grief and guilt.Now, twenty-eight years later, Lydia is persuaded to leave behind the safe new life she has created for herself and return to England to face the past. And maybe her future.
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The Twelve

By Justin Cronin
Justin Cronin
The epic story of THE PASSAGE continues.Death-row prisoners with nightmare pasts and no future.Until they were selected for a secret experiment.To create something more than human.Now they are the future and humanity's worst nightmare has begun.The epic sequel to THE PASSAGE.
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By Andrew O'Connor
Andrew O'Connor
'Tuvalu ... Everyone has a place like that. A dream land or life they're working towards, however vaguely. ... Some people probably have more than one Tuvalu in a life. It changes as they grow. Or maybe they get to the first one and find it's nothing like they imagined and need a new one. You must have had at least one?''No.'A love story of sorts, Tuvalu tells the story of Noah Tuttle, who is glumly and aimlessly living a half kind of life in a cheap rundown hostel in the seamier margins of Tokyo, a place overrun with feral cats and cockroaches. He teaches mediocre English to disinterested students, sleeps with his girlfriend, Tilly, when she's around, drinks beer when he can afford it, and generally avoids other people and their expectations. Nothing much happens to him - until, that is, he meets the wealthy, captivating and completely self-absorbed Mami Kaketa, a supremely selfish creature who leaves people like so much litter in her wake, so brazen and capricious she should come with a health warning. A blackly funny, inconclusive and strangely beguiling story of ennui, escape, exile and dreams, Tuvalu is an offbeat and intriguing story. '.. a sense of intriguing disconnectedness in the mode of Soseki and Murakami... Always surprising, it maps the complex emotional currents of a young man navigating between two cultures, exploring issues of love, lust, honesty and commitment...' Liam Davison, author.

Triple Platinum

By Nick Hornby
Nick Hornby
FEVER PITCH, winner of the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award, stands as the definitive statement on the obsessive nature of football fandom.¿His triumph is that, without glossing over its large-scale stupidities and discomforts, he makes terrace life seem not just plausible but sometimes near-heroic in its single minded vehemence, its heart shaking highs and lows¿ Independent on SundayHIGH FIDELITY hilariously and movingly explains men to women ¿ and to themselves.¿It is rare that a book so hilarious is also so sharp about sex and manliness, memory and music. Many men ¿ and, certainly, all addictive personalities ¿ will find in these pages shadows of themselves. And most of us will hear, in Hornby¿s acoustic prose, the obsessive chords of the past that more often lock up than liberate our hearts¿ New Yorker ABOUT A BOY explores the connections people make when the so-called ideal family model does not apply. ¿An almost perfect book, hugely entertaining and on the side of the angels . . . About a Boy is laughter in the dark¿ The Times