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By Geoffrey Household
Geoffrey Household
Olura Manoli is a lovely creature, though perhaps a little foolish in her friendship with an African prime minister whom she accompanies to Spain without police protection. Olura and the politician are followed by an Italian paparazzo hoping to catch glimpses of their indiscretion. But when he turns up dead in the couple's bathroom, it seems there is no one Olura can turn to for help but Philip Ardower, an English don and authority on the Basque language. His help is certainly needed in the dangerous day to follow, when violent death and police suspicion dog the lovers along the rugged mountains and dark mine shafts of the fierce Biscay coast.
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One Land, One Duke

By Ru Emerson
Ru Emerson
Chris, Jennifer, and Robin must save Rhadaz, a fantastical land that has been oppressed under false rule for too long. It is time for these three from Earth to save a planet that is new to them. It is time for them to use their powers as warrior, shape-shifter and sorceress to reinstall the long-lost Aletto to the throne that is naturally his. It is time for the power of the Night-Threads to overthrow the demonic Hell-Light as the planet demands one thing: One Land, One Duke.
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The Opposite of Mercy

By Tom Winship
Tom Winship
The true value of a human life is being tested to its limit in this sharp, page-turning thriller...When soldier Paul Curtis, recently returned from active duty, is approached covertly by an old school friend's father and asked for assistance he falters only momentarily before agreeing to help. His old friend, Chris, is dating Lara, a beautiful British Asian woman whose brother, Pasha Durrani, is furious about their relationship.As Paul steps into the breach it soon becomes clear that this is no low-level domestic disagreement. Durrani is heavily involved in organised crime, the roots of which lead back to a powerful terrorist network in Pakistan - and Lara has been offered to these people as a prize. Suddenly, Paul, Chris and Lara find themselves taking on a force more deadly and widespread than they could ever have imagined. By turns gripping and terrifying, THE OPPOSITE OF MERCY is a sharp, insightful and compulsive thriller.
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