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The King of Plagues

By Jonathan Maberry
Jonathan Maberry
Joe Ledger, ex-cop and now special forces killer, must lead his elite team against a criminal mastermind who threatens to unleash a super plague that could wipe out humanity.After dealing with zombies and genetically-modified monsters, Joe Ledger was hoping for a break. But in the world in which he lives, evil is only just around the corner. His job is to protect the world from maniacs, maniacs who often have resources and support that his team doesn't. The enemy also has a brutal willingness to kill - and that is one thing Joe doesn't have a problem with ...Frenetic pacing, thrill-a-minute adventure, breath-taking and realistic (author is a seventh Dan Karate black belt) violence. Perfect for the male readership.
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By Philip Warner
Philip Warner
The definitive biography of one of the most successful generals Britain has ever hadKitchener was one of the most successful generals Britain has ever had, and yet he has always been a mystery. Legends proliferated about him in his lifetime, and the circumstances of his death have remained an enigma. Not until recently, with the fresh material which has come to light, has it been possible to find the real person behind that enormous, intimidating moustache.In this absorbing study Philip Warner shows us exactly what a debt Britain owes to Kitchener. Far from being the remote, austere figure of the placards, he was a daring adventurer and spy, a meticulous planner and a commander who took his place at the front of the battle. He was trusted by civilians; worshipped by his men, and detested by most of his officers.Philip Warner had exclusive access to the papers of the Kitchener family while researching this book, and spoke to the few people still alive who knew the man personally. The result is the definitive biography of this most important yet least known of British generals.
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