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  • Famous Bridge Disasters

    By David Bird
    David Bird
    In this hugely entertaining book David Bird describes the most spectacular and amusing disasters suffered by the world's top players. There are two reasons for studying such disasters - you can learn from them and (yes!) you can enjoy them.In common with the previous books in this mini-series, you will be directly involved in the action at various stages, invited to make your own choice of bid, lead or play. This is excitement in itself, for the hands are all taken from top-class matches.
  • Famous Bridge Records

    By David Bird, Nikos Sarantakos
    David Bird, Nikos Sarantakos
    Records have a perennial fascination and the authors have brought together a riveting collection of record-breaking deals from the history of bridge. What is the fewest high-card points on which someone has made 3NT, 4 Spades, 5 Clubs, 6 Diamonds, 6NT or 7NT? What is the biggest penalty ever suffered or the worst adverse swing? How about the longest auction ever, the most costly opening lead, the greatest number of redoubled overtricks or the greatest number of redoubled undertricks? The answers are all here.As ever with David Bird's books, you will be greatly entertained and painlessly instructed at the same time.

    First Class Crosswords

    The hosts of The New York Times Crossword Web Forum did the compiling and editing, and included such high-flying crossword luminaries as Mike Shenk, The Wall Street Journal¿s Crossword Editor, Maura Jacobson, crossword writer for New York; and Merl Reagle, whose puzzles are syndicated throughout the U.S.Each crossword features a theme to pique your interest: ¿Go Places¿ tests your knowledge of global geography¿ and more. You might say ¿Colouring¿ displays many shades of meaning. ¿Sew What?¿ will have you on pins and needles (and maybe sin stitches, too). And the answers to those special thematic questions are often in the form of puns or other wordplay, just to make the puzzles a little harder¿ and a lot more fun.

    Floor Decor

    By Susan Driggers
    Susan Driggers
    The ideas inside are so simple and creative, yet anyone can do them! It doesn¿t matter whether the floor is wood, vinyl, linoleum or asphalt: the exciting treatments are applied to almost every material, indoors and out, as well as ideas for covering it up completely with decorated cloths and rugs. Stain and stencil wood with faux parquet or a leaf garland; for drama, mix country French stripes and spatters in the kitchen; bring nature right onto your screen porch with a mountain laurel pattern. Best of all are the collection of patterns for canvas¿ Choose from: sunny yellow ¿luscious lemons¿, painted with a resist technique; ¿Comparing Pears and Oranges¿ with bright washes of colour; ¿Magnolia Elegance¿ for chic focal points; and many others¿

    Fiber & Bead Jewelry

    By Helen Banes
    Helen Banes
    Techniques are innovative yet simple to learnA minimum of supplies is requiredPersonalise your creations to suit your style and tasteLush full-colour photographs depict the necklaces

    Framing Basics

    By Rick Peters
    Rick Peters
    If you have done some DIY but need advice in tackling bigger projects, this book is all you needContains instructions, tips, dozens of large-size photos and detailed and colourful line drawingsShows you how to make key structural changes to your house

    Five Card Majors

    By Ron Klinger
    Ron Klinger
  • Famous Leads And Defences

    By David Bird
    David Bird
    How good are your opening leads? And how effective are your tactics in defence?On each deal David Bird sets the scene and you must then choose which card to play. Turn the page and you can compare your efforts with those of the great champion who originally held the cards.By the time you have reached the end of this book you will be infinitely more confident of your defensive play.

    False Logic Puzzles

    By Norman D. Willis
    Norman D. Willis

    Fantastic Lateral Thinking Puzzles

    By Edward Harshman
    Edward Harshman