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Junk Chic

By Kathryn Elliott
Kathryn Elliott
Thrift stores, flea markets, basements, and attics offer plenty of inexpensive ¿ or even free materials that, with a little imagination and transformation, can become exquisite decorative items.But do you feel at a loss when you look at that battered table, those surplus chairs or those seemingly past-their-prime decorative objects? Dozens of beautiful and unique projects provide the answer to you quandary with a wealth of inspiration and how-to guidance.So, instead of regretfully passing by that bargain, you¿ll eagerly apply painted finishes and other craft techniques to bring out the hidden beauty in almost any kind of furniture and accent pieces. Discarded wooden cupboard doors give a boring hallway new life as a Secrete Garden., and pair of beaten-up lamps become living room accessories. Recycle an old trunk by making it into a table. Re-upholster outdated chairs with the magic of a glue gun and some fabric.