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Document And Eyewitness

By Neil Taylor
Neil Taylor
The official story of 25 years of the legendary Rough Trade Records.Rough Trade is practically a byword for the history of independent music over the last thirty years. DOCUMENT AND EYEWITNESS: AN INTIMATE HISTORY OF ROUGH TRADE tells the story from the inside of a phenomenally influential record label, through the voices of Geoff Travis, Jarvis Cocker, Robert Wyatt, Green Gartside and many many more. From the early records of Cabaret Voltaire, Kleenex and the Swell Maps, through to groundbreaking releases by The Fall, The Smiths and Scritti Pollitti, on through the collapse of the independent collective and the rebirth of Rough Trade at the turn of the century, this is the definitive, essential account for any serious music fan.

Designing With Perennials

By Pamela J. Harper
Pamela J. Harper
Make your selection guided by questions that pinpoint the right plants for your lifestyle: Can you spend the extra time required for deadheading, staking, or spraying? Do you want fragrance? Will your selection give you a strong sequence of blooms throughout the growing season? Then, will your garden feature beds, borders, or plantings in front of the house or alongside a path? Or a bog, water, or rock garden instead? You¿ll uncover sound guidelines on siting and sample garden plans for a range of alternatives. The core here, receiving extensive attention, is a chapter on colour, with time-tested combinations designed to work especially well in most common zones.

Delicious Diabetic Desserts

By Karin Cadwell
Karin Cadwell
These fabulous desserts are so nutritious and so delicious that they simply redefine the concept of the ¿diabetic dessert¿. Using readily available sugar substitutes, choose from anything on this tantalising list and go ahead and indulge! Choices include: 10 shakes, frappes, and alcohol-free drinks; 20 fruity specialities, from yoghurts to sherbets; 9 flavours of ice cream and other frozen sensations; 29 tarts, glazes, and strudels; 9 custards and mousses; 17 crepes and roll-ups; 18 tortes, sauces, kisses, and meringue-based sweets; 25 kinds of pies; 15 gelatin specialities; 11 ¿dressed up angels¿, including mouth-watering Tiramisu; 10 types of cakes and cookies and 12 cream puff-pastries.And finally, in case you were wondering, there is lots and lots of CHOCOLATE! Enjoy it all!

Decorating Your Garden

By Mickey Baskett
Mickey Baskett
Decorating and designing innovative gardens has never been so popularFully illustrated in colour throughout

Diabetic Sweet Tooth Cookbook