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True Stories of the SAS

By Robin Hunter
Robin Hunter
The soldiers of the SAS are among the most ruthless and efficient in the world. Their daring and determination have made Britain's top-secret military unit one of the most feared and respected special forces in existence.True Stories of the SAS is a history of the deeds done by these lethal men as they faced danger with calm courage. From the parachute raids and jeep attacks of World War II to covert activity in the Gulf War, the SAS have fought in each major conflict of the last fifty years. Their every mission is a tale of inspired strategy and decisive action, from the fight for the German-held islands of the Aegean to the struggle against the Communists in the Malayan jungle and their spectacular success at the Iranian Embassy siege in London.These astonishing stories reveal the bravery, endurance and sheer military brilliance that have made the SAS truly a force to be reckoned with.
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The Taste Of Battle

By Bryan Perrett
Bryan Perrett
As close as you can get to the reality of war. Three generations of front line soldiers recount their experiences.Few people today experience a live war situation; even professional soldiers can serve their career without going to war. Yet the question is often asked, what is it like? How do combatants cope with the danger? How does a battle look to the ordinary soldier?In a unique mix of dialogue, reportage and objective historical analysis - "faction" - Bryan Perrett brings the reality of war to the reader in a direct, no-holds-barred, exciting narrative. The fictional soldiers in this book, based on recorded accounts, are at the very heart of the action. From Mons in 1918, through the First and Second World Wars to Malaya in 1956, Vietnam in 1968 and Kuwait in 1991.
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