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  • When to Bid, When to Pass

    By Ron Klinger
    Ron Klinger
    From the opening bid to much later rounds of bidding, from uncontested sequences to highly competitive auctions, this book will provide the groundwork so that you will know when silence can be golden. Each chapter covers the principles that indicate when bidding is the right course, and then which call to choose, and when passing is the winning action.

    Windows on the World Complete Wine Course 2002 Edition

    By Philip Zeigler
    Philip Zeigler
    It remains packed with full colour labels and maps, puts forward the most up-to-date recommendations, and best of all, features Kevin Zraly¿s inimitable, irreverent approach. This unbeatable 'course' answers all your questions and starts you on your way to becoming a wine connoisseur. Go through the tasting process, from swirling the glass to sniffing and sipping, knowing when a wine is at its peak for drinking, and learn what to look for on a label.

    Wonderful Wire Works

    By Mickey Baskett
    Mickey Baskett
    Wire can make distinctive jewellery, table accessories, candleholders, frames, lampshades and lamp bases, baskets and bottlesComplete patterns, step-by-step instructions and numerous illustrations Wire is inexpensive to buy yet extremely versatile, and is simple bent and wrapped ¿ no soldering is required

    Windows On The World Complete Wine Course 2001 Edition

    By Philip Zeigler
    Philip Zeigler
    One of the best start-from-scratch wine books ever writtenIncludes full-colour labels and maps, up-to-date recommendations, fascinating sidebars, a glossary of wine terms, award-winning restaurant wine lists, advice on matching wine with food, ordering it in restaurants and moreThis revised 2001 edition has 16 new pages ¿ a new question-and-answer section, new labels and revised vintagesA complex subject simplified and made fun in the process

    Winning Backgammon

    By John Leet
    John Leet

    Wild Origami

    By P D Tuyen
    P D Tuyen

    Wreath Magic

    By L Dierks
    L Dierks

    Woodworking Basics

    By William P Spence
    William P Spence