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The Hidden Order Of Art

By Anton Ehrenzweig
Anton Ehrenzweig
A revealing study into the relationship between psychology and the arts.Anton Ehrenzweig's tour de force describes nothing less than the psychology of artistic creativity. Focusing on the visual arts and music, he shows that, in addition to conscious, intellectual critical powers, both the child and the creative artist rely on an unconscious, intuitive critical process to give shape to their view of the world.

Hats In Miniature

By Lyn Waring
Lyn Waring
Only basic sewing skills are requiredContains lavish illustrations and step-by-step instructionsComplete patterns and instructions on equipment, collars, seams, cutting, notches and batting18 different hat styles, with great variety resulting from the types of fabric and adornments usedInstructions for making a cardboard hat stand to display your creations

Handmade Clay Crafts

By Susan Alexander, Tafnie Bogart
Susan Alexander, Tafnie Bogart
Illustrated in colour throughoutGives information on clays, glazes and paints.