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Designing With Perennials

By Pamela J. Harper
Pamela J. Harper
Make your selection guided by questions that pinpoint the right plants for your lifestyle: Can you spend the extra time required for deadheading, staking, or spraying? Do you want fragrance? Will your selection give you a strong sequence of blooms throughout the growing season? Then, will your garden feature beds, borders, or plantings in front of the house or alongside a path? Or a bog, water, or rock garden instead? You¿ll uncover sound guidelines on siting and sample garden plans for a range of alternatives. The core here, receiving extensive attention, is a chapter on colour, with time-tested combinations designed to work especially well in most common zones.

Decorating Your Garden

By Mickey Baskett
Mickey Baskett
Decorating and designing innovative gardens has never been so popularFully illustrated in colour throughout