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Classic After Dinner Drinks

By Salvatore Calabrese
Salvatore Calabrese
Prepare favourite concoctions like a Black Russian and a Grasshopper. Entertain dinner companions with such fascinating lore as where the name brandy came from or satisfy your curiosity as to how different drinks like single malt whisky are made and aged. Includes recipes for over 100 classic after-dinner drinks, from brandy, armagnac, and cognac to malt whisky, port and liqueurs, including 10 future classics.

Complete Diabetic Cookbook

Constance Spry Cookery Book

By Constance Spry
Constance Spry
That the book has been so popular for over half a century is a true testament to how successfully they achieved their aim. The Constance Spry Cookery Book is now an established classic (and much requested on wedding gift lists) and a timeless treasure which stands the test of time, and is perhaps even more needed today when so many people have not been taught to cook by mothers or at school. It truly is the only cookbook you will ever need.