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Cribbage: How To Play And Win

By Frank Buttler, Simon Buttler
Frank Buttler, Simon Buttler
Thought to have been invented in the 17th century, cribbage remains one of the oldest and most popular card games for two or more players. The book is in two parts, the first introducing the game to those who have never played it before, and the second, much larger, part explaining the intricacies of the game to more experienced players and giving guidance to improve the chances of winning.Both the original five-card game and the more modern six-card variety are described in detail, and the authors demonstrate how to gain the maximum advantage from any of the countless card combinations possible during play. Numerous examples are included to illustrate the subtleties of each stage of the game, written in easily understood tabular form and checked by computer programs.
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  • Cardinal Sins

    By David Bird, Terence Reese
    David Bird, Terence Reese
    The card-play exploits of the monks at St Titus have a special place in bridge literature and their fame has now spread round the world. This collection of highly entertaining and absorbing stories from the monastery includes a further hilarious interlude with the missionary monks and the celebrated bridge-playing parrot in the Bozwambi jungle.
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  • Celestial Cardplay

    By David Bird
    David Bird
    Readers of David Bird's humorous bridge stories will give a delighted welcome to this new addition to the celebrated series. As ever, the irascible Abbot makes his acerbic presence felt and the long-suffering fraternity diverts itself with much entertaining and excitingly interesting bridge.For more than 30 years, David Bird's tales of the bridge-crazy monks of St Titus have appeared in magazines around the world. In this tenth collection in book form, the pompous and self-important Abbot hosts a tricky visit from Monsignor Vecchio, a representative of the Vatican authorities. Everything must be done to ensure that the visitor, a very moderate bridge player, finishes well in the monastery duplicate. In another story, the Abbot visits the Convent of St Hilda's and is not overjoyed to be put in partnership with the 80-year-old Mother of Discipline.Regular followers of David Bird's work will know what to expect - a first-rate mixture of excellent bridge, entertaining characters and sparkling dialogue.
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    Cross Stitch Florals

    By Marie Barber
    Marie Barber
    Botanical African features and animals wandering in the midst of greenery ¿ like a monkey in a tree. American Landscape includes a graceful alphabet, with pretty pink roses climbing the letters. Enjoy stitching delicate Far Eastern plants in vases, and step into colourful European Fields of florals.

    Creative Greeting Cards

    By Sandi Genovese
    Sandi Genovese
    Use a wide variety of materials and techniques to produce unforgettable designs easily and with a minimum of expense. Make invitations, holiday greetings, birth announcements, birthday cards and more. Detailed patterns and instructions will help you create cards with interesting folds, pop-ups, windows, vellum, ties and other closures, faux embossing, and dangles. Make diorama cards, cards with pockets to enclose money or gift certificates, envelope cards, spectacular spiral mobile cards, and more.

    Crosswords to Exercise Your Mind

    By J. Christopher Herold
    J. Christopher Herold
    Remember the good old days? Back in the 1950s and 1960s, life was simpler. No mobile phones, no e mail, no music videos. And crosswords were better. They tested your knowledge of words. You didn¿t need to know the names of minor pop stars to solve them. You just needed a big vocabulary and the ability to recall classical knowledge. That¿s what these crossword puzzles are all about. You¿ll definitely be keeping your mind sharp when you solve them.

    Creative Ways with Polymer Clay

    By Dotty McMillan
    Dotty McMillan
    Appliqué, stamp, carve, saw, and buff it; the clay can even capture the look of jade, turquoise, ivory, wood, and metal. Plus, it comes in an array of marvelous colours and effortlessly shapes into lamps, bowls, buttons, beads, and beautiful baubles. Find out about the latest and greatest in the craft - from the different clay types (including translucent and glow in the dark) to the variety of helpful tools to the limitless array of techniques (photo transfers, cracking, extruding, and more). Novices will love being able to plunge right into projects like the Chinese Good Luck Lantern, Segment Bracelet, Starburst Box, and Tiny Jointed Teddy Bear.

    Crocheted Gifts in a Weekend

    By Nola Theiss
    Nola Theiss
    Over 60 projects that could be completed in two days... quick-and-easy craft patterns, such as napkin rings, pot holders, afghans, stuffed toy animals, and a host of children's apparel. Directions are easy-to-follow and guided by at least on colour photo.

    Creative Paper Folding

    By Mickey Baskett
    Mickey Baskett
    For amazingly easy gift-wrapping that the receiver won¿t rip off, boxes that neatly and prettily hold all those assorted small items, cards with magical design and structure, and lampshades, luminaries, and lots more¿ Every facet of this elegant and traditional art is revealed here, from the standard tools to the basic folds to the most unusual materials ¿ like Lama Li Festive papers, handmade in Nepal!
  • Challenging Puzzles For Word Fanatics

    By George Bredehorn
    George Bredehorn
    Get ready to have fun! With more than 100 puzzles, made up of 10 different puzzle types, you¿re bound to find something new, something intriguing, something challenging, and something that will drive you crazy trying to solve it! Fight up front, you¿ll find directions for every form of puzzle include d in this brain-stumping collections.

    Creative Paper Art

    By Nancy Welch
    Nancy Welch
    Learn more than two dozen exciting techniquesShowcase your work in an accordion-fold book, gift boxes, bags and jewellery made from the tiniest scrapsLimitless possibilities for exercising your imaginationFull-colour guide offers infinite inspiration

    Creating With Lace

    By Mary Jo Hiney
    Mary Jo Hiney
    The projects are suitable for beginnersAlmost all the laces needed are new and easily available in storesThe laces are described and illustrated so that you can easily identify themYou will cherish your unique and beautiful lace creations

    Country Baskets

    By Paola Romanelli
    Paola Romanelli
    You¿ll be making baskets, trays, hampers, bicycle baskets, wreaths and even woven shopping cartsTips on selecting fibres, dyeing them, a descriptive list of tools, detailed technical instruction and plenty of picturesYou will not create imitations, but original handicrafts with the variations that come from nature and your thorough understanding of this craft

    Cross-Stitch For The First Time

    By Donna Kooler
    Donna Kooler
    All the basics are compiled in a full-colour, step-by-step formatDiscover what fabrics, flosses and tools to use20 delightful projects, geared towards the beginner, will help you master each technique

    Creative Scrapbooking

    By Sandi Genovese
    Sandi Genovese
    A complete guide to scrapbookingNew element of ¿cutouts¿ ¿ easy, imaginative patterns and templates that add style to scrapbookSimple directions and special features use design principles and themingThe perfect way to preserve precious memories

    Challenging Brainteasers

    By Santo Bernardo Recaman
    Santo Bernardo Recaman
    Maths and logic problems become fun when they¿re turned into brainteasing games and puzzles, whether riddles, anagrams or visual conundrums.

    Crosswords to Keep You Sharp

    By Arthur Goodman
    Arthur Goodman

    Cross Stitch Special Moments Of Life

    By Marie Barber
    Marie Barber

    Complete Book of Scarves

    By Jo Packham
    Jo Packham

    Complete Sewing Machine Handbook

    By Karen Kunkel
    Karen Kunkel