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Encyclopedia of Sewing Machine Techniques

By Nancy Bednar, Joanne Pugh-Gannon
Nancy Bednar, Joanne Pugh-Gannon
An indispensable resource that every sewer should own, this huge encyclopaedia is a gold mine of more than 70 techniques that will enable anyone to use their sewing machines to their full potential. When you want to stitch something for your home or wardrobe, you¿ll be able to give it a unique, decorative treatment ¿ whether you¿re a seasoned sewer or a beginner.Start with the valuable sources of information that can help you get the most from your sewing machines, then learn the special tips on maintaining your machine. Then move on to the sewing techniques; heirloom sewing, lacemaking, passementerie, smocking, stippling, buttonholes, hem and seam finishes, topstitching ¿ the number of techniques is breathtaking and so are the results you¿ll be able to achieve.

Embroidering with Silk Ribbon

By Donatella Ciotti
Donatella Ciotti
Add an extra beautiful touch to dresses, a bunch of flowers, your hair¿ a range of possibilitiesFun and easy-to-learn projects designed for modern lifestyles