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  • Herbs, Orion Plain and Simple

    By Marlene Houghton
    Marlene Houghton
    A practical guide to using natural remedies and therapies to improve wellbeing.In this clear and practical introduction to herbal medicine, Marlene Houghton provides gentle and effective natural therapies for a range of common complaints and allows you to take your health into your own hands.This essential guide to herbalism takes the guesswork out of healing with herbs and allows you to use the power of nature to tackle everyday ailments. Among the topics covered are:· A brief history of herbalism· An overview of how herbs heal· A herb glossary that includes how to use herbs and the benefits of each· The body's systems and the herbs that make them work better· A herb dictionary
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    Hand Reflexology

    By Jurgen Kaiser
    Jurgen Kaiser
    Hand reflexology is a simple yet effective technique for restoring harmony in the body by applying pressure to different parts of the palms and fingers.