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Silence Your Mind

By Ramesh Manocha
Ramesh Manocha
Can't sleep because your thoughts won't switch off? Ever walked into a room to get something, only to realise you've forgotten what you were looking for? Does a constant stream of unnecessary chatter run though your head? Do you wish you could stop that mental noise whenever you wanted to?SILENCE YOUR MIND offers a completely new approach to meditation that will help recharge your mental batteries and leave you feeling more positive, dynamic and wholly engaged with the world. Dr Ramesh Manocha is a pioneer of meditation and provides simple and effective 10-minute techniques for everyone's daily routine. In clear and easy-to-understand terms, Dr Manocha draws upon extensive new scientific research, fusing Western society's concepts of creative flow and mindfulness with the ancient authentic Eastern idea of inner stillness, to reveal the benefits that meditation brings to your mental and physical self.
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Seeing The Sunrise

By Justin Langer
Justin Langer
This is more than just a sports book, although the author is an accomplished Test cricketer. Justin Langer was a member of one of Australia's greatest sporting teams for nearly a decade - but the messages of Seeing the Sunrise go far beyond the boundary rope. Many of the book's stories come from the sporting field - and its leading characters are high-profile champions, such as Steve Waugh, Ricky Ponting and Matthew Hayden - but the lessons learned can be shared by all of us.Seeing the Sunrise is a handbook for overcoming self-doubt, for revelling in success, for aiming high. It is about mastering physical and mental goals, enjoying victories and fighting adversity. Finding the mental strength to cope with pressure and fear has been one of Justin's greatest lessons and in Seeing the Sunrise he encourages us to look at the sunrise, not the ground below.
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Sorcerer's Handbook

By Peter J. Clark
Peter J. Clark
Everything you need to know to develop the art of sorcery is included in this no nonsense, practical guide. Uncover the truth about what sorcery, witchcraft, and shamanism are ¿ and what they aren¿t. Find out how all different kinds of magic work, how to use them properly, how to protect yourself and work safely, and how to use your latent psychic ability. Acquire the appropriate tools and equipment and see how to perform rituals and cast strong spells to affect the weather, find a soul mate, increase success, heal a headache, charm an animal, move an object, ignite a spark, and more. Beginners will have no problem getting started, and those with more experience will find plenty of new material and ideas.