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The Best of Matt 2017

By Matt Pritchett
Matt Pritchett
Always look on the bright side - the genius that is Matt proves that, no matter what is happening in the world Matt's superb cartoons can always raise a smile.THE BEST OF MATT is a wonderfully funny look at the last twelve months - from President Trump to train strikes, the confusion that is Brexit to the vagaries of the British weather - this collection manages to make looking back a much funnier pastime.A Christmas must - this year, and every year.
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Bookbinding Basics

By Paola Rosati
Paola Rosati
The beautiful, creative, and ancient art of bookbinding offers countless design options for selecting exquisite papers and board, fabrics for the cover, ribbons to use as markers, and other decorative touches that capture a books spirit. From aligning and folding the sheets to stitching the body to adding attractive endpapers, this manual provides in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals, giving you the skills to fashion personalised note, recipe, and date books in a range of styles. It covers all the materials (including adhesives, seems and tapes): cutting the paper; forming the book block; and reinforcing bindings. Make a planner with a two-part binding and another with a rounded spine. Do the binding on a home made sewing frame.

Beadwork Basics

By A Benson
A Benson