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Glue-Gun Projects

By Jo Packham
Jo Packham
The focus is on easy ways to spruce up decorative accessories or fashion them from scratch quickly, choosing among seventeen types of glue. Ready to decorate readers homes are a variety of picture frames; holiday trees comprising empty thread spools, pinecones, candy canes, or other materials; Christmas ornaments; three-dimensional collages; bookends; and wreathes, among others.

Glass Painting for the First Time

By Doris Sorensen
Doris Sorensen
Glass painting can be as simple as sponging on a little colour to make a fun design, or as elaborate as texturing and frosting detailed patterns. You¿ll be amazed at what you can do, especially when guided by an introduction that answers all the basic questions: what do I need to get started, and what will it cost? What kinds of applicators and paint do I use? How do I apply a pattern, and achieve different effects, from 'drip and glaze' to reverse imaging? For every technique there¿s a project - like an Italian glass bottle with millefiori and a monogrammed box with stencilling. As you advance, combine colours on a Heart to Heart Canning Jar Lamp; co-ordinate different pieces of whiteware in a Funky Tea Set; and design with laydowns and one-strokes.

Glass Painting In An Afternoon

By Mickey Baskett
Mickey Baskett
Simple, easy-to-copy designs, harmonious use of colour and thorough and detailed instructionsIntroductory chapter provides information on paints, supplies and techniques including different manners of application35 projects grouped by type

Glass Art

By Plaid
Fully illustrated throughoutAn inexpensive craft idea that is suitable for beginners