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Make Your Own Electric Guitar and Bass

By Dennis Waring
Dennis Waring
Along with the percussive, driving bass, it transformed modern music and created new sonic landscapes. If you dream of being the next Eric Clapton and want a really personalised, top-quality instrument ¿ or are a woodworker searching for a satisfying project ¿ make one yourself. These well-detailed instructions for building a standard six-string solid-body model guitar and base, emphasise simplicity and logic, use common tools and easy-to-order materials, and provide resources for obtaining electronic components and other hardware. Body shape, bridge types, neck and head-stock, cutting an shaping, and assembly are all covered in detail. Both traditional and modern features crop up here, making the finished product perfect for whatever musical style you like best.

Making Fantastic Jewellery

By Paola Romanelli
Paola Romanelli
Baubles, bangles and beads: have a little creative fun and soon you¿ll be wearing rings on your fingers, bracelets around your wrist, and ornaments circling your neck. Craft these pretty 'jewels' with the most unbelievably ordinary materials, like paper hardened and painted; tin foil rounded into shiny 'pearls'; polymer clay turned into earrings; seashells strung together; pinecones hung on a wire; pieces of smooth wood knotted onto a necklace; and even foods! Many of these fantastic and colourful pieces reveal the influence of Indian, African, and South American traditions and work with nature¿s beautiful bounty. Fluffy white feathers, pendants of rice grains, and Italian pasta rings on coloured cord recall Native American motifs. A mosaic colour on wire - here in a fish shape, but you can trace any design you like - glistens with shiny sea glass.

Making Mosaics

By L Dierks
L Dierks