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Victorian Chic

By Anita Louise Crane
Anita Louise Crane
Timeless grace and charm: that¿s the hallmark of the Victorian style, with its exquisite lacework, fine chine, pretty keepsakes, and loving attention to detail. Splendid photographs on each page present so many entrancing ideas to choose from: a table runner makes an elegant window valence, a worn table looks well-dressed in linens and laces, and treasured items present their best face to the world in one of these perfect displays. And don¿t forget the new: just bought trinkets and glassware become more alluring when placed side-by-side with antiques and heirlooms. So, tuck fresh flowers everywhere, and let your imagination lead you to a romantic sanctuary.


By Mike Burton
Mike Burton
Try veneer rather than solid wood to save time and money, create designs that would otherwise be impractical and achieve special effects.