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Where's Boris?

By Various
Search for Boris Johnson in this eye-boggling illustrated adventure!Greetings citizens! Can you spot Boris?In an array of crowded scenes, from zip wires and bikes to Beijing and the Bullingdon Club, search for Boris amongst the masses. Anyone for wiff-waff?With oodles of in-jokes and bonus material to find, plus cameo appearances from some old chums, this book provides hours of fun for both the lovers and loathers of the blonde-mop-topped phenomenon that is... BoJo.A classic and fun gift book, tracking Boris down around the world will be endless amusement for all the family.
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Woodcarver's Problem Solver

By Graham R Bull
Graham R Bull
This book provides solutions to a whole host of woodcarving problems, whether you¿re making a piece of fine furniture or creating simple collectibles, you¿ll find just the right solution¿Get a feel for the broad and diverse topics by noting what¿s under the letter A: Abrasives, Abstract Designs, Across-the-Grain/Against-the-Grain Carving, Adze, Alcohol, Alignment, Alloy, Almond Oil, Aluminium, Ambidexterity, Antique, Apse, Arc, Architrave, Arkansas Stone, Arthritis, Atomiser. And that¿s just the beginning¿

Wedding Decorations On A Budget

By Miriam Gourley
Miriam Gourley
For a dream wedding that doesn¿t create a nightmare budget, simply gather up things from your home, your garden, and nature¿ then work a little magic transformation! You won¿t believe how easily ordinary plastic dishes and stemware can become part of a sophisticated and stylishly original arrangement for serving food to your guests. Or how simple it is to fashion memorable decorations that also become much appreciated thank-yous or home decorations after the festivities. And, with a touch of creativity, fabrics from the bargain store make bright backgrounds for the reception tables and establish a colour scheme for the entire reception.