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Woodcarver's Problem Solver

By Graham R Bull
Graham R Bull
This book provides solutions to a whole host of woodcarving problems, whether you¿re making a piece of fine furniture or creating simple collectibles, you¿ll find just the right solution¿Get a feel for the broad and diverse topics by noting what¿s under the letter A: Abrasives, Abstract Designs, Across-the-Grain/Against-the-Grain Carving, Adze, Alcohol, Alignment, Alloy, Almond Oil, Aluminium, Ambidexterity, Antique, Apse, Arc, Architrave, Arkansas Stone, Arthritis, Atomiser. And that¿s just the beginning¿

Wedding Decorations On A Budget

By Miriam Gourley
Miriam Gourley
For a dream wedding that doesn¿t create a nightmare budget, simply gather up things from your home, your garden, and nature¿ then work a little magic transformation! You won¿t believe how easily ordinary plastic dishes and stemware can become part of a sophisticated and stylishly original arrangement for serving food to your guests. Or how simple it is to fashion memorable decorations that also become much appreciated thank-yous or home decorations after the festivities. And, with a touch of creativity, fabrics from the bargain store make bright backgrounds for the reception tables and establish a colour scheme for the entire reception.