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Off the Beaten Track

By Laura Stoddart
Laura Stoddart
From the author of UP THE GARDEN PATH, a little book of quotes about travel and exploration from a much-loved illustrator.Captain Cook confidently declaring that no man will ever venture further than he has... Richard Burton musing on how to keep a wife alive in the tropics... the unreliable Sir John Mandeville spinning his traveller's tales...OFF THE BEATEN TRACK is a collection of quotations from intrepid travellers, such as Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Marco Polo, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Mary Kingsley, Isabella Bird, Captain Scott and Freya Stark - all of them are here, some of them awe-struck at the majesty of their surroundings and others distinctly unimpressed. Laura Stoddart's delicious illustrations seize on the unexpected, and make a comment on what the author doesn't say. Her many admirers will find that this wittily chosen anthology has all the charm of her very successful first book, UP THE GARDEN PATH.
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Oscar Wilde: Everyman Poetry

By Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde
Renowned for his wicked wit and bons mots, Wilde also had a deep understanding of the human condition - as revealed with moving simplicity in THE BALLARD OF READING GOAL.
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Ovid: Everyman Poetry

By Ovid
Rome's greatest poet, famous for his love elegies, and his narrative poem, "Metamorphoses".
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