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Sharpen Your Bridge Technique

By Hugh Kelsey
Hugh Kelsey
What are the hallmarks of the expert player? Why do some players appear regularly at the top, winning rubber after rubber? By studying the techniques involved, you will be able to develop your skills in card-reading and card sense, mental rehearsal, the application of logic, mental concentration and relaxation, the assessment of probabilities, imaginative defence and when to employ deceptive plays - all are considered and used by the expert mind to achieve above-average results.

Soapmaking for the First Time

By Linda Orten
Linda Orten
Join the millions who already enjoy the popular craft that combines colour, fragrance, artistic design, practical use - and even healing. It¿s easy to learn the basics of how to collect materials and use moulds. The fun really begins as you select your favourite shades and scents, and add natural botanic elements. Imagine the many styles of soap that you can create: beauty bars, fun shapes for kids, embedded designs that use tiny bars of soap and jewel-like decorative objects. You can make soaps for special uses like bubbling bath oil, soap on a rope, soap inside a loofah sponge, bath salts and massage oil.

Simple-to-Sew Slipcovers And Cover-Ups

By Pamela J. Hastings
Pamela J. Hastings
Try this imaginative collection of sewing projects for new looks, facelifts and special holiday decorations. Projects feature a variety of tablecloths, chair skirts, seat cushions, chairback covers, bar stool covers, duvets, as well as embellishments such as pleats, ruffles, shaped hems, ties and shades ¿ made by stamping, stencilling, embroidery, ribbon trims and laminating.

Sweet and Simple Country Cross Stitch

By Lori Gardner
Lori Gardner
85 different patterns for all seasonsPatterns to frame or to decorate a dressLearn how to dress your work in handsome, hand-painted wooden frames

Simply Elegant Napkin Folding

By Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan
With only a few elementary techniques, make exquisitely folded napkins with accordion pleats, rolls, and knots, as well as fanciful animals and objects. Try Double Diamonds, Sea Shells, Lotus Blossoms, a Triangle Flip, Arrowhead, and a Quilt Triangle. Creative ideas for all kinds of table settings, instructions for making your own napkins and napkins rings, and tips for laundering and ironing enhance the joy of entertaining.

Splint Woven Basketry

By Robin Taylor Daugherty
Robin Taylor Daugherty
A complete guide to tools, equipment and materials with easy to follow instructions and diagrams.

Super Party Games

By John Chaneski
John Chaneski
How do you keep a crowd of 10 or more entertained at a family reunion, picnic, club or scout meeting or any large gathering? Liven up the festivities with all kinds of imaginative games

Soft Furnishings For Dollhouses

By Lael Combe Ferguson, Terry Johnson Combe
Lael Combe Ferguson, Terry Johnson Combe
Awaken your fantasies, let your imagination run wild and you will have a doll¿s house that is a feast of texture, colour and tiny furnishings.

Serger Shortcuts

By Pamela J. Hastings, Joanne Pugh-Gannon
Pamela J. Hastings, Joanne Pugh-Gannon
Illustrated in colour throughoutContains important information on maintaining hardware, as well as sewing techniques

Scrapbooking For The First Time

By Rebecca Carter
Rebecca Carter
Illustrated in colour throughoutAn innovative craft idea suitable for beginners and for children

Sewing Shortcuts

By Pamela J. Hastings
Pamela J. Hastings

Splendid Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Stencilling on Fabric

By Wren Loasby
Wren Loasby

Sewing Beautiful Pillows

By Linda Lee
Linda Lee

Sewing & Serging Techniques For Blouses

By Laurie Mcwilliams
Laurie Mcwilliams

Sam Hawkins 520 Xmas Cross Stitch Design

By Sam Hawkins
Sam Hawkins

Splendid Samplers To Cross-Stitch