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The Choice Of Hercules

By A.C. Grayling
A.C. Grayling
Duty or Pleasure? This was the legendary choice which faced Hercules and which pre-eminent philosopher A.C. Grayling uses as the starting point of this masterful book.He shows us how much more people can understand about themselves and their world by reflecting on today's moral challenges. Above all, he explores the idea that certain demands and certain pleasures are necessary, not just because of their intrinsic merits but because of what they do for each other. With exceptional clarity and unrivalled prose, Grayling addresses the everyday ethical choices which confront us all.
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Conversations With Isaiah Berlin

By Ramin Jahanbegloo
Ramin Jahanbegloo
Revealing and enlightening, Conversations with Isaiah Berlin gives a close-up view of one of the foremost thinkers of our time.Philosopher and leading proponent of liberal thinking, Isaiah Berlin has changed our sense of history and life. His impact on the intellectual and political views of the last fifty years alone makes it critical to understand his works and analyse his thoughts. The topics of conversation range broadly from Marx and Machiavelli to Berlin's extraordinary encounters with Anna Akhmatova and Boris Pasternak in post-war Russia.Conversations is a remarkable record of one of the great intellectual odysseys of the century.

Confessions Of A Philosopher

By Bryan Magee
Bryan Magee
In this inspirational book Bryan Magee tells the story of his discovery of philosophy, and in doing so introduces the subject to his reader. Experiences of everyday life provide discussion of philosophers and explain why certain philosophical questions persistently exercise our minds.With great fluency Magee untangles philosophy, making it seem part of everyone's life. Intensely personal and brimming with infectious enthusiasm, this is a wonderful introduction to philosophy by one of the most elegant and accessible writers on the subject.

Complete Book of Tarot Spreads

By Evelyn Burger, Johannes Fiebig
Evelyn Burger, Johannes Fiebig

Critique Of Pure Reason

By Immanuel Kant
Immanuel Kant