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The Universal Tone

By Carlos Santana, Ashley Kahn, Hal Miller
Carlos Santana, Ashley Kahn, Hal Miller
The intimate and long-awaited memoir of guitar legend Carlos SantanaIn the realm of guitar gods, Carlos Santana stands alone for his instantly recognisable sound that blended electric blues, psychedelic rock, Latin and modern jazz.Carlos Santana's memoir traces the journey from his teenage years playing strip bars in Tijuana to his roles as a husband, father and rock star in the band that still bears his name, and the discovery of his deep spirituality, influenced by his Catholic upbringing, Eastern philosophies and other mystical sources. It includes his recording of some of the most influential rock albums of all time, up to and beyond the 1999 sensation Supernatural, which stands as arguably the most amazing comeback in popular music history.The Universal Tone celebrates a true rock legend, as well as the possibilities of music, belief and, above all, life itself.
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Until the Final Hour

By Traudl Junge
Traudl Junge
'To have such an uncomplicated, unaffected witness present at some of the key defining moments of the 20th century was fortunate for historians...her testimony rings absolutely true, when other politically motivated accounts of the last days of Hitler do not' Andrew RobertsTraudl Junge was 22 years old and dreamt of a career as a ballerina, until the 'opportunity of her life' beckoned and she was appointed as Adolf Hitler's secretary. From 1942 until his death she was at his side in the bunker, typing his correspondence, his speeches and even his last private and political will and testament. It was only after the war that the horrible reality of Hitler's regime began to dawn on her, and she became racked with guilt for 'liking the greatest criminal ever to have lived.' Her journal, written in 1947, is a startling eyewitness account of Hitler's court during its final years, and of the building sense of doom as the war progressed.