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Beadwork Basics

By A Benson
A Benson

Band Saw Handbook

By Mark Duginske
Mark Duginske

Beautiful Origami

By Zulal Ayture-Scheele
Zulal Ayture-Scheele

Bodybuilding Basics

By Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
  • Basics:Sharpening Basics

    By Patrick Spielman
    Patrick Spielman

    Basic Manual Of Fly-Tying

    The Best Of Father Brown

    By G.K. Chesterton
    G.K. Chesterton

    Building Garden Furniture

    By Ray Martin
    Ray Martin

    Book Of Paper Quilling

    By Ted Johnston
    Ted Johnston

    Bird Feeder Book

    By Thom Boswell
    Thom Boswell
  • Bridge Player's Supper Book

    By Nicola Cox
    Nicola Cox
    Millions of people of all ages play bridge and what better way to spend the perfect evening than supper with friends and bridge. And what could be better than to have a special selection of the delicious recipes by Nicola Cox, originally published in her celebrated books Good Food from Farthinghoe and Country Cooking from Farthinghoe.The recipes have been carefully chosen so that they do not involve a lot of last-minute activity when one would prefer to be playing bridge. The dishes are arranged in groups from soups to puddings via a selection of delectable pâtés, mousses, salads. vegetable dishes and main courses.
  • Burns: Everyman's Poetry

    By Robert Burns
    Robert Burns
    1996 is bi-centenary of Burns death. The collection celedrates him as Scotland's finest lyric poet.

    Bonsai Workshop

    By Herb L Gustafson
    Herb L Gustafson
  • Brontes: Selected Poems

    By Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, Anne Bronte
    Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, Anne Bronte
    These poems offer glimpses of the joys and sorrows of the Brontes, whose lives and works have become modern-day cultural touchstones

    Bonsai In Your Home

    By Paul Lesniewicz
    Paul Lesniewicz

    Building Arts and Crafts Furniture

    By Peggy Zdila, Paul Kemner
    Peggy Zdila, Paul Kemner

    The Bible Code

    By Michael Drosnin
    Michael Drosnin
    The original THE BIBLE CODE - a phenomenal bestseller across the worldFor 3000 years a code in the Bible has remained hidden. Now it has been unlocked by computer - and it may reveal our future.The code, broken by an Israeli mathematician, foretells events that happened thousands of years after the Bible was written. It foresaw both Kennedy assassinations, the Oklahoma bombing - everything from World War II to Watergate, from the Holocaust to the Moon landing.Published to a frenzy of media attention, THE BIBLE CODE became a Number One bestseller.

    Beth Chatto's Garden Notebook

    By Beth Chatto
    Beth Chatto
    The Julia Child of gardening shares her own successes and failures in a beautiful new edition.Beth Chatto has become one of the great gardening writers of our time and enjoys an international reputation. Sharing the hopes and successes - and sometimes failures - of her work, she reveals here what is really involved in maintaining a unique and flourishing garden. Written from notes she kept, this engaging, often surprising book offers help on a whole range of topics.
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    Beginners Chess Course

    By Enno Heyken
    Enno Heyken

    Beastly Tales

    By Vikram Seth
    Vikram Seth
    Ten witty and enchanting animal fables in verse which, like a modern Aesop's Fables, can be enjoyed by young and old alike'Because it was very hot in my house one day and I could not concentrate on my work, I decided to write a summer story involving mangoes and a river. By the time I had finished writing 'The Crocodile and the Monkey' (in a cool room lent to me by a friend), another story and other animals had begun stirring in my mind. And so it went on until all ten of these beastly tales were born - or re-born.Of the ten tales told here, the first two come from India, the next two from China, the next two from Greece, and the next two from the Ukraine. The final two came directly from the Land of Gup. I hope you enjoy them and have a beastly time.' Vikram Seth.