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Family Law & Socl Polcy 2 Edn-Pr

Fine Art of Cabinet Making

By James Krenov
James Krenov

Fever Pitch

By Nick Hornby
Nick Hornby

Fighting Fit

By Adrian Weale
Adrian Weale
The fitness plan used by the SAS - perfect for fans of British Miltary Fitness classes.Every year thousands of men and women discover new levels of fitness and inner strength as they are put through their paces to meet demanding standards required for new recruits in the British Army - this book will take you to the same level. Beyond that are the elite: the SAS, Paras and Commandos. Each unit has rigorous and searching requirements designed to select only the strongest, fittest and meanest for the world's toughest regiments. Recommended by a recent SAS squadron commander as 'an excellent guide', FIGHTING FIT's unique and proven training programmes have already helped many soldiers pass these most demanding tests. Now you can join them. Illustrated throughout and including inside information on the kit you'll need, the food you should eat and how to cope with injury, FIGHTING FIT is the comprehensive insider's guide to the fitness methods of the world's most professional army.
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Fantastic Lateral Thinking Puzzles

By Edward Harshman
Edward Harshman

From Bondage

By Henry Roth
Henry Roth
Written in the last year of Roth's life, this is the impassioned story of a young man's love affair with literature, and with his teacher. As Ira Stigman turns from his incestuous childhood affairs, he finds himself competing with his best friend for the attention of their literature professor. FROM BONDAGE is the the moving culmination of a great writer's life.
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False Logic Puzzles

By Norman D. Willis
Norman D. Willis
  • Famous Leads And Defences

    By David Bird
    David Bird
    How good are your opening leads? And how effective are your tactics in defence?On each deal David Bird sets the scene and you must then choose which card to play. Turn the page and you can compare your efforts with those of the great champion who originally held the cards.By the time you have reached the end of this book you will be infinitely more confident of your defensive play.
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    Fly Fishing Tips,Techniques & Strategies

    By Phil Camera
    Phil Camera

    Fitness Boxing

    By Frank Kurzel
    Frank Kurzel

    Five Card Majors

    By Ron Klinger
    Ron Klinger
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    By Reinhold Benz
    Reinhold Benz
  • The Forgotten Soldier

    By Guy Sajer
    Guy Sajer
    An international bestseller, this is a German soldier's first-hand account of life on Russian front during the second half of the Second World War.When Guy Sajer joins the infantry full of ideals in the summer of 1942, the German army is enjoying unparalleled success in Russia. However, he quickly finds that for the foot soldier the glory of military success hides a much harsher reality of hunger, fatigue and constant deprivation. Posted to the crack Grosse Deutschland division, with its sadistic instructors who shoot down those who fail to make the grade, he enters a violent and remorseless world where all youthful hope is gradually ground down, and all that matters is the brute will to survive. As the biting cold of the Russian winter sets in, and the tide begins to turn against the Germans, life becomes an endless round of pounding artillery attacks and vicious combat against a relentless and merciless Red Army. A book of stunning force, this is an unforgettable reminder of the horrors of war.
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    The Father-Thing

    By Philip K. Dick
    Philip K. Dick
    THE FATHER THING contains the stories written in 1956, just before the publication of Dick's first novel, SOLAR LOTTERY.The stories are a mix of the previously uncollected and some of his most famous pieces such as Foster, You're Dead a powerful extrapolation of nuclear war hysteria, and The Golden Man, a very different story about a super-evolved mutant human.
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    Fine Art of Small Scale Woodturning

    By William Duce
    William Duce

    Fantastic Furniture

    By Mickey Baskett
    Mickey Baskett
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  • Flowers For Algernon

    By Daniel Keyes
    Daniel Keyes
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  • The Fountains Of Paradise

    By Arthur C. Clarke
    Arthur C. Clarke
    One of Clarke's most famous and acclaimed novels, winner of both the HUGO AWARD and the NEBULA AWARDIn the 22nd century visionary scientist Vannevar Morgan conceives the most grandiose engineering project of all time, and one which will revolutionize the future of humankind of space: a Space Elevator, 36,000 kilometres high, anchored to an equatorial island in the Indian Ocean.Winner of the HUGO AWARD for best novel, 1980Winner of the NEBULA AWARD for best novel, 1979
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    Fabulous Fabrics

    By Mary Jo Hiney
    Mary Jo Hiney
    Hand reflexology is a simple yet effective technique for restoring harmony in the body by applying pressure to different parts of the palms and fingers.
  • Fevre Dream

    By George R.R. Martin
    George R.R. Martin
    Abner Marsh has had his dearest wish come true - he has built the Fevre Dream, the finest steamship ever to sail the Mississippi. Abner hopes to race the boat some day, but his partner is making it hard for him to realise his ambition.Joshua York put up the money for the Fevre Dream, but now rumours have started about the company he keeps, his odd eating habits and strange hours. As the Dream sails the great river, it leaves in its wake one too many dark tales, until Abner is forced to face down the man who helped to make his dreams become reality.
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