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Gazebos/Other Garden Struc Designs

By Janet Strombeck, Richard Strombeck
Janet Strombeck, Richard Strombeck

Great Origami Book And Kit

By Zulal Ayture-Scheele
Zulal Ayture-Scheele

Great Napkin Folding & Place Setting

Great Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Goodbye Sweetheart

By Lilian Harry
Lilian Harry
From the outbreak of the Second World War to the evacuation of Dunkirk, GOODBYE SWEETHEART follows the fortunes of the people who live in a working-class street in Portsmouth.Like any street, April Grove in Portsmouth has its good and bad neighbours, its gossip, scandal and romance. But the outbreak of war in 1939 changes everything - especially for the children. Uprooted from their familiar urban existence they are evacuated (some happily, some not) to the country. Then there are the teenagers, whose first loves are accelerated and intensified by the threat of separation; and men and women, too old to fight, who hold the life of the street together. Based on the author's own childhood memories of growing up near Portsmouth, this is a novel which shows us what England was really like then - a story told with such nostalgia and charm that you leave the world it describes longing for the chance to return.
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The Glass Lake

By Maeve Binchy
Maeve Binchy
'THE GLASS LAKE is Maeve Binchy at her spellbinding best - you'll never want it to end' Woman's Journal'Maeve Binchy really knows what makes women tick. She crystallises their hopes, dreams and passions in her novels and now she has done it again in THE GLASS LAKE ... a marvellous read' Daily MirrorKit McMahon lives in the small Irish town of Lough Glass, a place where nothing changes - until the day Kit's mother disappears and Kit is haunted by the memory of her mother, alone at the kitchen table, tears streaming down her face. Now Kit, too, has secrets: of the night she discovered a letter and burned it, unopened. The night her mother was lost. The night everything changed forever...
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Great Diabetic Desserts & Sweets

By Karin Cadwell, Edith White
Karin Cadwell, Edith White

Golf Swing Basics

By Oliver Heuler
Oliver Heuler

Giacometti: A Biography

By James Lord
James Lord
The definitive biography of a fascinating and enigmatic figureAlberto Giacometti is one of the best-known artists of the twentieth century. Born in a Swiss village, he moved to pre-war Paris and went on to play a leading role in the art world, alongside characters such as Picasso, Balthus, Samuel Beckett and Sartre.His passionate and strange life reflects the genius of his works - his gaunt and haunting sculptures and his unsettling paintings. As someone who was personally acquainted with Giacometti and his peers, and who has consolidated his personal knowledge with extensive research, James Lord is uniquely qualified to write Giacometti's biography.
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By Jane Laferla
Jane Laferla

Great Critical Thinking Puzzles

The Green Mile

By Stephen King
Stephen King
Stephen King's international bestselling and highly acclaimed novel, also a hugely successful film starring Tom HanksThe Green Mile: those who walk it do not return, because at the end of that walk is the room in which sits Cold Mountain penitentiary's electric chair. In 1932 the newest resident on death row is John Coffey, a giant black man convicted of the brutal murder of two little girls. But nothing is as it seems with John Coffey, and around him unfolds a bizarre and horrifying story. Evil murderer or holy innocent - whichever he is - Coffey has strange powers which may yet offer salvation to others, even if they can do nothing to save him.
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Green Tea For Health And Vitality

By Jorg Zittlau
Jorg Zittlau

Great Paper Quilling

By Mickey Baskett
Mickey Baskett
Fully illustrated in colour throughoutSuitable for beginners
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Glass Art

By Plaid
Fully illustrated throughoutAn inexpensive craft idea that is suitable for beginners

The Garden At Highgrove

By HRH The Prince of Wales, Candida Lycett Green
HRH The Prince of Wales, Candida Lycett Green
The Prince of Wales describes how he has created one of the great gardens of our time.When The Prince of Wales bought Highgrove House in 1981 the surrounds consisted of a brown path which ran around the house, a lawn and a few thorn bushes. Twenty years later, he has transformed the land adjoining the house into several exquisite gardens which embody his gardening ideals and organic principles. With help from some of Britain's finest designers, including The Marchioness of Salisbury, Rosemary Verey, Miriam Rothschild and Sir Roy Strong, the Prince of Wales has created highly individual gardens which have now, with his own ideas, reached maturity. The Prince of Wales describes the thinking behind each garden, the mistakes and the triumphs, and his plans for the future. Lavishly illustrated with photographs which capture both the scope and detail of each garden, this book will delight and inspire both gardeners and horticulturalists at every level.
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By Ernst D Prinzenberg
Ernst D Prinzenberg
  • The Great Escape

    By Paul Brickhill
    Paul Brickhill
    The famous story of mass escape from a WWII German PoW camp that inspired the classic film.One of the most famous true stories from the last war, The GREAT ESCAPE tells how more than six hundred men in a German prisoner-of-war camp worked together to achieve an extraordinary break-out. Every night for a year they dug tunnels, and those who weren't digging forged passports, drew maps, faked weapons and tailored German uniforms and civilian clothes to wear once they had escaped. All of this was conducted under the very noses of their prison guards. When the right night came, the actual escape itself was timed to the split second - but of course, not everything went according to plan...
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    Guards! Guards!

    By Terry Pratchett, Graham Higgins
    Terry Pratchett
    Illustrated by:
    Graham Higgins
    Some night-time prowler is turning the (mostly) honest citizens of Ankh-Morpork into something resembling small charcoal biscuits. And that's a real problem for Captain Vimes, who must tramp the mean streets of the naked city looking for a 70-foot-long fire-breathing dragon which, he believes, can help him with his enquiries.But there's more - now we get to see Ankh-Morpork in all its glory; illustrations so vibrant you can practically smell and taste the denizens of this delightful city (although with Corporal Nobbs, you might rather wish you didn't have to). All rendered in painstaking detail by Graham Higgins (who feels he now knows altogether far too much about the murky goings on inside Nobbs' head).
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    Great Candles

    By Stewart D'Arcy Hyder
    Stewart D'Arcy Hyder
    Complete instructions cover a variety of different techniques, materials and stylesEasy to follow step-by-step colour photographs Ideas and inspiration along with instructions