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White House Years

By Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger
In this first volume of his memoirs, Dr Kissinger covers his first four years (1969-1973) as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, and President Nixon's closest adviser on foreign policy. It is undoubtedly the most significant book to come out of the Nixon Administration. Among the countless great and critical moments Dr Kissinger recalls are his first meeting with Nixon, his secret trip to China, the first SALT negotiation, the Jordan crisis of 1970, the India-Pakistan war of 1971, and the historic summit meetings in Peking and Moscow. He covers the major controversies over Indochina policy during that period, including events in Laos, the overthrow of Cambodia's Prince Sihanouk, his secret talks with the North Vietnamese in Paris, his 'Peace is at hand' press conference, and the breakdown of the talks that led to the 'Christmas bombing' of 1972. He offers his insight s into the Middle East conflicts, Sadat's break with the Soviets, the election of Salvador Allende in Chile, issues of defence strategy, and relations with Europe and Japan. Other highlights are his relationship with Nixon, brilliant portraits of major foreign leaders, and his views as to the handling of crises and the art of diplomacy. Few men have wielded as much influence in the arena of American foreign policy as Henry Kissinger. This record makes an invaluable and lasting contribution to the history of this crucial time.

Workshop Math

By Robert Scharff
Robert Scharff

Wood Joiner's Handbook

By Sam Allen
Sam Allen

Woodcarving Scandinavian Style

By Harley Refsal
Harley Refsal

Workouts With Weights

Woodworker's Pattern Library: Alphabets and Numbers

By Patrick Spielman
Patrick Spielman

Woodworking Basics

By William P Spence
William P Spence

Woodworking Projects For The Garden

By Richard Freudenberger
Richard Freudenberger
  • William Blake

    By William Blake
    William Blake
    The full range of Blakes Romantic poetry-joyful and sorrowful, childlike and complex-illustrating his original and prophetic vision.
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    Wreath Magic

    By L Dierks
    L Dierks
  • W. B. Yeats: Everyman Poetry

    By W.B. Yeats
    W.B. Yeats
    Ireland's greatest and most influential poet: Yeats's poems express both powerful personal feelings and something of the whole human dilemma of the 20th century.

    Wild Origami

    By P D Tuyen
    P D Tuyen

    Woodworking Projects With A Few Basic Tools

    By Michael Theriault
    Michael Theriault

    With These Hands

    By Pam Ayres
    Pam Ayres
    A collection of the very best poems and sketches from one of Britain's best loved entertainers.WITH THESE HANDS is a collection of witty monologues and poems from Pam's early life in the 1950s, through four years in the WRAF, and marriage and motherhood, to her present busy career as a writer and broadcaster.The pieces are presented together with delightful illustrations by Susan Hellard providing the reader with a beguiling insight into the heart and mind of Pam Ayres.
  • William Wordsworth

    By William Wordsworth
    William Wordsworth
    A revolutionary voice in English verse, and a much loved and celebrated lyric poet.
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    Winning Backgammon

    By John Leet
    John Leet
  • William Cowper: Everyman Poetry

    By William Cowper
    William Cowper
    A selection of poems by William Cowper, edited by Michael Bruce
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    Wedding Toasts And Speeches

    By Jo Packham
    Jo Packham

    Why Women Can't Read Maps

    By Barbara Pease, Allan Pease
    Barbara Pease, Allan Pease
    The Little book of sound advice which tells you how to get on with your partner. Each page has a little truism to help men deal with their partner's little foibles ...When a woman is speaking at the end of the day she doesn't want interruptions with solutions to her problemsA woman will verbalise a series of items out loud in random order, listing all options and possibilitiesWhen you're dealing with an upset woman don't offer solutions, just show her you're listeningWhen it comes to sex, women need a reason; men need a place

    Wonderful Wire Works

    By Mickey Baskett
    Mickey Baskett
    The many different projects showcase the versatility of working with wire.Easy to follow step-by-step guide to creating a wide variety of decorative crafts from Jewellery to lamps and shades.