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Language Lover's Puzzle Book

By George Bredehorn
George Bredehorn
The verdict on these word games will be unanimous: they¿re the best, most enjoyably challenging ever! Here¿s just a bit of what awaits you inside:Split decisions, give you a few letters that repeat in two words and then you fill in the blanks.The Ultimate Crossword features numbers in each box that stand for letters: figure out the connections and you¿re on your way to completing the puzzle.Go Two by Two: Only two different letters are needed to complete these miniature criss-cross puzzles.Words are playing hide and seek in Big Words a Hiding: The grid conceals five words that have ten letters or more. Start anywhere and search left, right, up, or down ¿ but not diagonally.

Lateral Logic Puzzles

By Erwin Brecher
Erwin Brecher

Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Lateral Mindtrap Puzzles

By Shadow
Learn to look at fun puzzles in a new light!Defy the odds and match wits with evil geniuses!

The Law Of Total Tricks Flipper

By Ron Klinger
Ron Klinger
  • Little Giant Encyclopedia Of Logic Puzzles

    By Norman D. Willis
    Norman D. Willis
    A fun, challenging puzzle book which does not rely on previous knowledge memory, wordplay or deception.Nine different types of logic puzzles, which have been separated into sections, and vary in difficulty.
  • Little Giant Encyclopedia of Checker Puzzles

    By Robert Pike
    Robert Pike
    Universally popular, the ¿mind sport¿ of checkers is one of the world¿s oldest board games, and one of the most elegantly structured. Although children can readily understand its most basic rules, on a higher level checkers can demand great depth of strategic thought. Each is winningly solvable in no more than six and a half moves, and often less by the player who moves first. In numerous problems, the winner even seems at a serious disadvantage from the start. Quite a few of the solutions list alternative patterns of play that depend on the moves chosen by the player destined to lose.
  • Little Giant Encyclopedia Of IQ Tests

    By Philip J Carter, Kenneth A. Russell
    Philip J Carter, Kenneth A. Russell
    25 brain-stumping IQ quizzes featuring wordplay, diagrams, numerical challenges and moreQuestions are deliberately challenging and entertainingAssess your performance by allowing yourself 90 minutes per test
  • Little Giant Encyclopedia Of Mensa Mind Teasers

    Challenge yourself with crosswords crypto-quotes, picture puzzles, wordplay, brainteasers, brain bogglers, brain benders, brain bafflers, and much more! You¿ll need to focus, ponder, sharpen your wits, and think outside the box to tackle these tricky conundrums. There are mathematical mysteries, questionable quotations, enjoyable enigmas, and plenty of other perplexing puzzles. Hints and all the answers are included. Think you¿re up to this little giant collection?
  • Logical Bridge Play

    By Hugh Kelsey
    Hugh Kelsey
    As Hugh Kelsey says in his introduction, the brilliant card player achieves his results with a combination of logic and flair. And although many people may think flair plays a disproportionate part, the expert player, in fact, produces his sometimes unbelievable results almost entirely by the application of logic. LOGICAL BRIDGE PLAY teaches you just how to apply logic to your card play in making the correct inferences and deductions, and in assessing the timing - the opportunity to become a master player is yours for the taking.