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Tarot Basics

By Evelyn Burger, Johannes Fiebig
Evelyn Burger, Johannes Fiebig
  • Tarot, Orion Plain and Simple

    By Leanna Greenaway
    Leanna Greenaway
    A practical guide on how to master the art of reading cards.Tarot is a popular form of divination that has been used for centuries. By following the simple guidelines set out in this book, you will come to understand how easy it is to master the art of reading cards. Many people struggle with the many different tarot books available today ? they can be difficult for the novice to follow, and many present differing interpretations of the cards. This practical guide brings tarot into the 21st century, making the card meanings relevant and easy to understand and follow.Tarot, Orion Plain & Simple offers modern and up-to-date interpretations for all 78 cards. Once you know these basics, you'll soon progress on to more advanced and complex tarot books. Throughout this useful book, Leanna Greenaway discusses various card groups for interpretation, focusing mainly on the Celtic cross spread.
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    Time For Tea

    By Lindel Barker-Revell
    Lindel Barker-Revell
    Every leaf of tea is as individual as a snowflake - so too are the messages they contain. This exquisite gift book celebrates the sheer joy of a cup of tea, and the unravelling the intriguing messages in each tea cup. Discover the pure joy of reading tea-leaves-which teacups, teapots and teas to use. Learn how to create the perfect afternoon tea to celebrate your new talents with those you love. Women of all ages have practised this gentle art for centuries. Once you have grasped the essentials, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can see.
  • Totem Animals, Orion Plain and Simple

    By Celia M Gunn
    Celia M Gunn
    A practical guide on how listening to your totem animal can give an insight into your life.The idea of spirit guides speaking through animals and birds dates back to ancient times. Today, if we're open to watching and listening to our totem animals, we can develop beneficial relationships with them. We can, also, recognise that when a totem animal appears to us in a special way, it's offering insight into what's happening in our lives.This helpful book will give you a greater understanding of more than 60 totem animals and their unique meanings in an A to Z encyclopaedic listing, will lead you through the steps for accessing a chosen spirit and help you explore the role of animal spirits in cultures around the world.Also included are chapters on:· Totem Animals Around the World· Your Totem Animal· Working with Your Totem Animal· Strengthening Your Connection to Your Totem Animal· Your Child's Totem AnimalThis user-friendly guide is practical and accessible and offers insight and wisdom for daily life.
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    Trance Workbook

    By Kay Hoffman
    Kay Hoffman
    A comprehensive guide to one of the least understood new age therapies