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Ketchup Clouds

By Annabel Pitcher
Secrets, romance, murder and lies: Zoe shares a terrible secret in a letter to a stranger on death row in this prize-winning second novel from the bestselling author of the debut, MY SISTER LIVES ON THE MANTELPIECE.

Fifteen-year-old Zoe has a secret - a dark and terrible secret that she can't confess to anyone she knows. But then one day she hears of a criminal, Stuart Harris, locked up on death row in Texas. Like Zoe, Stuart is no stranger to secrets. Or lies. Or murder.

Full of heartache yet humour, Zoe tells her story in the only way she can - in letters to the man in prison in America. Armed with a pen, Zoe takes a deep breath, eats a jam sandwich, and begins her tale of love and betrayal.

Annabel Pitcher studied English at Oxford and has since worked as an English teacher. She lives in Yorkshire with her husband and is now a full time writer.

Visit Annabel's website at

KETCHUP CLOUDS won the teenage category and was the overall winner of the Waterstone's Children's Prize.9,000 copies of the hardback sold in the first month of publication.Five five-star Amazon Vine reviews on Amazon for the hardback pre-publication.The film trailer for KETCHUP CLOUDS has had more than 10,000 You Tube views.MY SISTER LIVES ON THE MANTELPIECE was the winner of the BRANFORD BOASE and a BETTY TRASK AWARD.MY SISTER LIVES ON THE MANTELPIECE was shortlisted for the DYLAN THOMAS PRIZE, the GALAXY BRITISH BOOK AWARDS, the RED HOUSE CHILDREN'S BOOK AWARD and the WATERSTONE'S CHILDREN'S BOOK PRIZE and longlisted for the GUARDIAN CHILDREN'S FICTION PRIZE and the 2012 CILIP CARNEGIE MEDAL.MY SISTER LIVES ON THE MANTELPIECE has sold more than 54,000 copies in the UK.Rights for MY SISTER LIVES ON THE MANTELPIECE were sold worldwide at auction for record-breaking sums.Territories: World ex USA.Sales for Annabel's books now exceed 85,000 copies.

If You Find Me

By Emily Murdoch
Fans of Jodi Picoult will love this gripping, disturbing but also uplifting thriller that culminates in a shocking revelation.

What happens in the woods, stays in the woods. . .

Carey is keeping a terrible secret. If she tells, it could destroy her future. If she doesn't, will she ever be free?

For almost as long as she can remember, Carey has lived in a camper van in the heart of the woods with her drug-addicted mother and six-year-old sister, Jenessa. Her mother routinely disappears for weeks at a time, leaving the girls to cope alone. Survival is Carey's only priority - until strangers arrive and everything changes . . .

Jenny Downham, author of BEFORE I DIE, says that IF YOU FIND ME is "a beautiful book about survival, identity, family, love and so much more."

This edition includes a previously unseen epilogue!

This is an extraordinary debut novel, touching on dark issues but celebrating the healing power of love. . . it's a promising and rewarding first book.I rarely rate books as five stars but in all seriousness, this book is a five. The story, the setting, the characters and the pace were just incredible. I thought that the book was going one way and it actually went another, I half guessed where it was going but I was still happy with it, as much as you can be happy with a story that continually punches you in the gut. I had to stop reading during my few sittings with this book because of the things that were revealed but that is just a sign of a brilliantly written book.I found this book spellbinding and didn't want to put it down. It's one of those wonderful YA crossover books that you feel no shame in reading as an adult... This is a book that makes you appreciate what you have, not in a soppy way, but in a matter of fact one... A lot of the pain in the book is subtle, understated, unemotional, almost because that's the way Carey has had to deal with it. It's not a big deal, except of course it is, it's a huge, massive deal. And yet, because of the low key way she talks about the past, it seems all the more poignant than any woe-is-me misery memoir. This is a book I've been thinking about all weekend, and I finished it some days ago. I suspect I'll be thinking about it for many more days still.As a debut pitched in the young adult market it is faultless. The details and scenes within the story were grittier than I was expecting and definitely darker but the fact Murdoch doesn't shy away from this is what makes If you find me all the better. This book comes highly recommended.... a powerful read that I have absolutely no qualms recommending. It is (at times) rather emotionally draining, but the unparalleled beauty and feeling in its pages make it wholeheartedly worth it.It's an extremely emotional roller coaster of a book, and I bet more than one point will make you cry, but it's full of hope and free will too, which makes you smile. Definitely recommended for thirteen/fourteen and up, this is a must read which I'm sure will capture the hearts of so many people. The characters and the tear-jerking story will stay with you long after you close the book after reading the last page- I know they did with me.This latest powerful and accomplished adolescent novel from the US is fuelled by a strong, individualistic voice in the tradition of Huck Finn.Carey is a narrator with a strong voice, as we follow her attempt to control her language and ideas in order to slot back into a world she's been removed from far too long to truly remember. We feel the pain of the secret she carries before it is even revealed, and share her desperation for acceptance and safety. She is frustrating, too, taking a long time to see the truth that becomes sadly obvious to the reader, but in this way she is a more believable voice - heartbreakingly, beautifully real.?? A gorgeous, literary read for teenagers, If You Find Me breaks and soothes your heart in equal measure, with its reminder that home is neither more nor less than the people you love and trust.I honestly can't say anything bad about this book. If You Find Me is one of the most underrated books I have ever read and I can't believe it hasn't won award after award after award. Because it deserves it. Tragic and heartbreaking, it is about two girls against the world, about neglect and about love. Sisterly love, unpredictable love, familial love; it encompasses love in many different shades, with many different meanings and roots - and it is a book you should not miss.Murdoch has written a staggering, thought-provoking read. I didn't want to tear my eyes away and the emotions, description and little details make it perfect. I honestly can't find a fault.In a league of it's own by far, If You Find Me was a rare gem among the others in it's genre. I can't recommend it highly enough to give it justice. Emily Murdoch is definitely an author I'm going to watch for in the future and I can't wait to read more from her. 5 star worthy completely.Emily Murdoch is a writer and poet. IF YOU FIND ME is her first novel. Visit her website at, read her blog at, follow her on Twitter @LeftyWritey and Facebook at and like the page for If You Find Me at DAILY MAIL has called IF YOU FIND ME 'an extraordinary debut' and in the US it has received prestigious starred reviews.IF YOU FIND ME is a nominee for the Carnegie Medal 2014, and was a finalist in the Best Debut Author category in the Goodreads Best Books of 2013 Awards.IF YOU FIND ME is shortlisted for the prestigious Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2014, teen category.Paperback edition includes a previously unseen epilogue!Fantastic trailer at Guaranteed to intrigue readers!Sophisticated and beautifully written, this YA novel is realistic and has huge crossover appeal.A powerful story with beautifully drawn characters and a gripping mystery at its heart.
Orion Childrens

Back to Blackbrick

By Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
Lost memories, lost times, lost lives - heartbreakingly sad and yet uplifting too, a stunning debut by an Irish writer whose work is reminiscent of Annabel Pitcher and Siobhan Dowd - about a boy and his grandfather, who suffers from Alzheimer's.

'The ghosts in your life don't ever really go away. Every so often they will whisper to you ...

Don't worry about it too much.'

When Cosmo keeps his promise to his granddad to go to Blackbrick, he finds himself in the forgotten corner of a distant past, one that his granddad has, strangely, never really talked about. Here friendships come to life, there are new beginnings, a lifetime of memories and everything is still possible...

An extraordinary debut novel with a fantastic voice. This is compassionate, humorous, moving - and tackles some big questions.

Orion has high expectations for this debut author, and deservedly so. Original and compelling, this is a beautifully written novel about love, loss, history and memory for readers of 10+. Wonderful storytelling.Back to Blackbrick tackles one of the great social and medical issues of our time, but does so eloquently, sensitively and with knowing humour. We are the sum of our memories, and Sarah Moore Fitzgerald explores this idea in a unique and compelling way. As well as being a thoroughly enjoyable read, the book could help young people to understand how Alzheimer's takes its toll as the disease becomes increasingly common.A thoughtful novel about memory, the past and about how our actions have consequencesBack to Blackbrick deals with the serious and complex emotions facing a young teenager as he comes to terms with his grandfather's dementia. Sarah Moore Fitzgerald explores the complex emotions surrounding Alzheimer's disease, but in the context of a warm and humorous story exploring memory, family, separation and loss. A highly entertaining read, this will also introduce young people to one of the greatest social, medical and economic challenges of our time.The characters are well-drawn in this absorbing and thought-provoking timeslip novel. Sarah Moore Fitzgerald tells a moving and original story of love and loss with both humour and understanding.A beautifully pitched book about seeing a grandparent deteriorate due to Alzheimer's. A pitch perfect book that had me hooked from the first page and refused to let go.The reader is drawn into a strange world of great friendships, loyalty and tragedy. Back to Blackbrick is a very original and unusual read.It is told in such a way that it will appeal to the children for whom it is written as much as it will an adult audience who need and want to understand how to come to terms with terminal illness, disease and memory loss. A book not to miss.The characters are well-drawn in this absorbing and thought-provoking timeslip novel. Sarah Moore Fitzgerald tells a moving and original story of love and loss with both humour and understanding.'A tear-jerker with lessons in how to live life to the full.

...a clever, engaging story of a teenager who finds an unexpected way to deal with the gradual disintegration of his grandfather's memories and personality.

A compelling time shift drama about love and loss.This beautiful novel is deceptively easy to read; the story rattles along while dealing sensitively with issues of love, loss, illness and memory. It's a moving and poignant story, but there are funny moments, too. Back to Blackbrick is an impressive debut novel that already feels like a classic.This beautifully-written time-slip novel explores memory loss, grief and family relationships. It's narrated in a lively 21st-century voice by Cosmo, who lives with his grandparents. We learn that Cosmo's mother has gone to Australia to work and that his brother Brian died in an accident. His grandfather, Kevin, is in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, and Cosmo searches the internet trying to find a way to reverse his beloved grandfather's memory loss.I haven't been able to get Back to Blackbrick out of my mind since I read it. It's a deep, thought-provoking debut by an Irish author, showing the depths of family love and the horror when these bonds begin to fray from tragedy. It also shows the stark class divide in Irish society a century ago, and the power and control held by the rich over their staff, and the portrayal of these themes make this novel more suitable for 12+. Above all, however, this is a novel about families and love and deserves to be read by as many people as possible.I enjoyed the book so much. The adventure, the mystery, and the characters all work wonderfully in story telling terms but the big message is that love is the key. To be loved is to be known and without that, we're lost, whatever our circumstances. This book deserves to be read by people of all ages. It's a delight.

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald was born in New York in 1965 but grew up in Co. Dublin. She's a professor and associate vice president at the University of Limerick in Ireland, specialising in psychology and effective pedagogy in higher education, and has published several non-fiction books on teaching, learning and academic writing. She runs regular writers' retreats for academics and students in Ireland and internationally.

Follow Sarah on Twitter at

A fantastic new Irish talent with an undoubted publishing future.German, Dutch and US rights already sold.Exceptional plotting and brilliant time-slip device.Dubrays no 1 bestseller in Ireland, outselling even Gone Girl on publication.Extensively reviewed - Sunday Times Children's Book of the Week on publication.Partnership with Alzheimer's Research.MMP bound proofs available. Publicity and marketing support.

Soul Fire

By Kate Harrison
In the second book of this gripping paranormal romance trilogy, Alice Forster tries to solve the mystery of her sister's murder, but a dramatic fire run in Barcelona leads Alice into danger!

Alice Forster regularly talks with her dead sister, Meggie, in the virtual world of Soul Beach - an online paradise where dead teenagers are held in limbo.

Alice has learned that if she can solve the mystery of someone's death in the real world, then that person is released from the Beach. Meggie needs Alice to solve her murder so she can be free, but as Alice is getting closer to discovering the murderer, the murderer is getting closer to Alice!

The second thriller in this utterly gripping trilogy for teens that explores social networking in a whole new way - Facebook for the dead!

Kate Harrison has worked as a producer, director and developer across an array of TV programmes including PANORAMA and NEWSROUND. She now writes full time, and lives by the sea in Brighton.

Visit Kate's website at, follow her on Twitter at and Pinterest at and watch her Youtube channel at Visit the Soul Beach website at, the Soul Fire website at and follow Soul Beach on Twitter at and Pinterest at Learn more with

The second book in the Soul Beach trilogy, SOUL FIRE is a highly commercial and compelling mix of celebrity glamour, teen romance and chilling mystery.An intriguing, clever plot that explores the sinister side of glamour, celebrity and 'virtual' life, and will resonate with the online-savvy Facebook generation.Kate Harrison is a bestselling, and well connected, author of romantic comedies for adults.Territories: UK & Commonwealth ex Canada.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

By Holly Black
Coldtown is dangerous. A prison for the damned and those who party with them. The stunning new YA novel from the bestselling author of The Spiderwick Chronicles. True Blood for teens!Tana lives in a world where walled cities called Coldtowns exist. In them, quarantined monsters and humans mingle in a decadently bloody mix of predator and prey. It's an eternal party, shown on TV 24 hours a day - gorgeous, glamorous, deadly! Because, once you pass through Coldtown's gates, you can never leave...

A wholly original story of rage and revenge, love and loathing from bestselling author, Holly Black. Fans of True Blood will love this dark and sexy tale.
Replete with grisly violence, an intriguingly complex take on the mechanics of vampirism, and well-developed and memorable characters, this superior, dread-soaked tale will satisfy vampire addicts of all ages.Exciting, violent, sexy, Tana is a wonderful creation, sarcastic, intensely loyal and yet very sensitive. This is the fastest paced vampire thriller you'll ever read. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown will be a sensational bestseller.Holly Black's vision of a culture that could support Coldtowns is elaborately plotted and eerily plausible... an imaginative and creepy read.Best-selling Holly Black launches a chilling new contemporary fantasy series as gripping as her Spiderwick Chronicles. In Tana's future-set world, vampires abound. In the walled cities - Coldtowns - infected blood suckers and humans live in deadly dangerous proximity never knowing exactly when the one will turn on the other. They are partying against all odds on one thrilling rollercoaster where the cost of a mistake is sky high. After waking up at a party and finding she is one of only three survivors, Tana heads to Coldtown with her companions for the adventure of her life - or death!In all, it was a gripping, unpredictable book, that let you explore a new exiting and somewhat dangerous world; what more could you want? Now all I want is a sequel!The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is a gorgeously gothic novel from acclaimed author Holly Black. A world of beautiful but deadly vampires awaits inside- but who dares to enter Coldtown?This is a fast-paced, original vampire thriller, with plenty of action to quench your thirst...the snappy, sophisticated style of narrative was smooth and enjoyable.Black has created a world which is chillingly believable.I've loved everything Holly Black has ever written, but I really do think she has stepped it up a notch with this book. If you haven't guessed already, I loved The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, which is surprising because it's overflowing with vampires, a fantasy breed I now usually roll my eyes with boredom at. Yet there was definitely no eye rolling at these vampires - Holly Black has stripped them of their goody two shoes Twilight enhanced image and laid bare the nastiest, most vicious vampires that have not seen the light of day since Anne Rice brought us An Interview With A Vampire.With a host of characters inside the Coldtown with their own politics, agendas and relationships it is an astute story set in a world of damaged perceptions: teenagers desperate to be vampires and the Coldtowns streamed as glamorous reality TV. Tana is a believable teenager, and whilst Gavriel is the love interest here, Tana recognises him as unstable and possibly insane - vampires are never presented as safe. Tana's final decisions will surprise readers in a satisfying way. A successfully thrilling and original teen vampire book.This book made me feel all sorts of emotions it was fantastic. I think its descriptive and effective. Holly has created word images so vivid that it is almost like watching a movie. She takes you for a romp through Coldtown and find yourself in a action packed suspenseful event with the evil Vampires that had my heart facing and had me excited from beginning to end.I'd recommend The Coldest Girl in Coldtown to all vampire fantasy fans who are now trying to find a good book about them, which is paints them in their true picture as dangerous, mad creatures.For a long time now, I've felt that Holly Black's immense talent has been underrated by readers, so I'm hoping this book will push her into the number one fantasy spot she so rightly deserves. I've loved everything Holly Black has ever written, but I really do think she has stepped it up a notch with this book. If you haven't guessed already, I loved The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, which is surprising because it's overflowing with vampires, a fantasy breed I now usually roll my eyes with boredom at. Yet there was definitely no eye rolling at these vampires - Holly Black has stripped them of their goody two shoes Twilight enhanced image and laid bare the nastiest, most vicious vampires that have not seen the light of day since Anne Rice brought us An Interview With A Vampire.Missing that hit of Vampire action? Well, voila!A mind-blowing story of rage and revenge, love and loathing.Delightfully dark and gorgeously gothic, it is certain to enchant fans of all things chilling and supernatural.Holly Black is the author of bestselling contemporary fantasy books for children and teens. Some of her titles include The Spiderwick Chronicles and the Curse Workers series. She has been a finalist for the Mythopoeic Award, a finalist for an Eisner Award, and the recipient of the Andre Norton Award. She currently lives in New England with her husband, Theo, in a house with a secret door.

Visit Holly's website at, read her blog at, follow her on Twitter at and Pinterest at and like her on Facebook at
Holly Black is the author of the international bestselling phenomenon The Spiderwick Chronicles.Compelling, glamorous, sexy - TRUE BLOOD light. Perfect for the teen reader.Global publication, marketing and publicity campaigns with Little Brown USA and Hachette France. This is the novel that teens all over the world will be talking about!In the US, THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN has now been given four prestigious starred reviews, including from KIRKUS, who called it 'dark and dangerous, bloody and brilliant!'Praise for Holly Black - Million-selling author, Cassandra Clare, has described Holly's work as 'dangerously, darkly gorgeous fantasy'!Perfect not only for fans that have grown up with Spiderwick but also fans of Stephenie Meyer and Neil Gaiman.This novel is based on an original short story that was written for THE ETERNAL KISS anthology. It proved so popular that it has since been reprinted in many other science fiction and fantasy anthologies as well as being a finalist for the LOCUS AWARD.

She Is Not Invisible

By Marcus Sedgwick
Set in London and Manhattan, prize-winning author Marcus Sedgwick explores obsession, trust and coincidence in a page-turning thriller about Laureth Peak's mission to find her missing father.

Laureth Peak's father is a writer. For years he's been trying, and failing, to write a novel about coincidence. His wife thinks he's obsessed, Laureth thinks he's on the verge of a breakdown. He's supposed to be doing research in Austria, so when his notebook shows up in New York, Laureth knows something is wrong.

On impulse she steals her mother's credit card and heads for the States, taking her strange little brother Benjamin with her. Reunited with the notebook, they begin to follow clues inside, trying to find their wayward father. Ahead lie challenges and threats, all of which are that much tougher for Laureth than they would be for any other 16-year old. Because Laureth Peak is blind.

What this book proves, is that Marcus is not only one of the greatest British YA writers, but one of the most versatile too. Unlike anything he has written before and a book that will reach a whole new audience. Bloomin' loved it.I was thoroughly captivated by this smart and intriguing contemporary thriller with heart.She is Not Invisible is an exciting, thought-provoking story - a Scarlett Thomas or A. L. Kennedy for teenagers.There's another uncompromising aspect to this superb book. Marcus Sedgwick doesn't speak down to his teen readers. He tells it how it is, without footnotes or gloss, and it's up to the reader to decide how much they want to take from his books. A rollicking good adventure? No problem - that's there and easily available. Just let your eyes slide across the bits in italics and jump to the next event. It would be a shame to do that, though, because for those prepared to deal with it, there's much, much more in this book: theories and philosophies and ideas which stretch the reader and give the adventure far greater depth and resonance. Not many novels, for adults or younger folk, contain whole pages of notes on people such as Einstein, Jung and Koestler, but this one does, because it shows what Jack Peak believes on the nature of coincidence, and it is by understanding that that Laureth and Benjamin (with the help of Stan the stuffed raven) resolve the crisis.Marcus Sedgwick has written a story which really makes you think. He has referred to it as an iceberg and certainly the story can be read on two levels; on the surface a simple story of a girl, Laureth, accompanied by her young brother, Ben and his beloved soft toy, Stan, determined to find their missing father, in spite of Laureth's personal circumstances making this no easy task and, below the surface, a much more complicated story, concerning the nature of obsession and coincidence; all of which leaves you pondering and re-reading. Familial relationships are at the heart of this story and how these can engender love, confidence and faith. Laureth is awe inspiring and loveable. Her personal journey is totally absorbing.This is a book about coincidences, unconditional love and bravery. It is also about going with a gut feeling against the odds and the chance that just perhaps it will all come right in the end. Stannous and Ben are, perhaps, my favourite characters, often positive when life gets tough and understanding what it means to be needed. The story revolves around Laureth's father, a search across New York for a character who is missing and the mutual support between two siblings. This is an extraordinary tale, with brilliant descriptive passages. You can almost hear and smell New York. I was relieved that Stannous made it home...Sedgwick's prose is as crisp and clear as always, without losing a single fathom of emotional depth, and Laureth and Benjamin will resonate soundly with anyone who has ever negotiated the ups and downs of sibling relationships.Despite being 'about' a blind girl, this is not a book about being blind. It doesn't seek to induce pity and nor does it resort to awarding its protagonist superhuman powers. Yet along the way it succeeds in very cleverly and subtly telling the reader a huge amount about being visually impaired.Marcus Sedgwick doesn't speak down to his teen readers. He tells it how it is, without footnotes or gloss, and it's up to the reader to decide how much they want to take from his books. A rollicking good adventure? No problem - that's there and easily available. Just let your eyes slide across the bits in italics and jump to the next event. It would be a shame to do that, though, because for those prepared to deal with it, there's much, much more in this booK: theories and philosophies and ideas which stretch the reader and give the adventure far greater depth and resonance. Not many novels, for adults or younger folk, contain whole pages of notes on people such as Einstein, Jung and Koestler, but this one does, because it shows what Jack Peak believes on the nature of coincidence, and it is by understanding that that Laureth and Benjamin (with the help of Stan the stuffed raven) resolve the crisis.His small cast are marvellous in emotion, dialogue and humour. Each and every action, no matter how far-fetched, feels entirely natural. The plot points could easily feel forced but in these hands they flow naturally. Another subtle beauty of the novel is what you experience when the novel is finished as it suddenly reveals many small details that could be overlooked. As they are revealed the wonder of the novel strengthens and becomes something special and different. I found myself comparing the book to the very successful novel, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. They share similarities, themes and quality of prose. From the big apple setting to the affected protagonists to the nuances in the structure and formatting of the book the two books are closely bonded, but yet enjoy a wide difference in storytelling feel.The author hasn't just provided you with a fast paced thriller, but he has also left you with ideas and puzzles to decipher. I challenge you not to come away from this book searching out the coincidences that occur in your life. I will definitely be recommending this book highly in the future as it stands out from the other YA books around at the moment.But beyond the mere appreciation for the type of story this book tells, She Is Not Invisible is a beautifully written story that encapsulates so much. From her touching relationship with her young brother and the way they work as a duo to the way she interacts with the world - and how the world reacts to her. Or the way that story is told in a non-linear narrative because that's how Laureth thinks.When sixteen-year-old Laureth's father vanishes she is determined to track him down. So determined that she flies to New York to find him. But Laureth doesn't go alone; she takes her seven year old brother with her because she needs him. Laureth is blind and Benjamin is essential as her guide. Award-winning Marcus Sedgwick tells a pell-mell adventure as the children unravel the mysteries of obsession and coincidence as they solve the riddle behind their father's disappearance.It's a rollercoaster of a thriller that explores love, trust, courage and challenges.The message is a moving one: be kind to strangers, because the person who bumps into you might have a mountain to overcome.This is a novel that demands to be read more than once because it is only at the conclusion of the seven interlinked episodic stories that the complexity of the novel's extraordinary story of doomed love becomes clear... Sedgwick is a fine writer and this hugely atmospheric and demanding book will satisfy adults too.Marcus Sedgwick is a full time author. His first novel, FLOODLAND, won the BRANFORD BOASE AWARD FOR THE BEST DEBUT CHILDREN'S NOVEL OF 2000. Since then his books have been shortlisted for the GUARDIAN CHILDREN'S FICTION PRIZE, the BLUE PETER BOOK AWARD, the COSTA BOOK AWARD, the CARNEGIE MEDAL and the EDGAR ALLAN POE AWARD. He lives near Cambridge.Total Marcus Sedgwick sales in the UK exceed 700,000 copies and his books are published in 26 territories.Marcus has frequently been shortlisted and longlisted for numerous awards, including the GUARDIAN CHILDREN'S FICTION PRIZE, the CARNEGIE MEDAL, the COSTA BOOK AWARD and the BOOKTRUST TEENAGE PRIZE.Early seeding in conjunction with Hodder, who will publish Marcus's brother's 9-12 fiction in June, and with Walker who will publish their graphic novel this October.Over 40% of Marcus's previous novels have been shortlisted for the CARNEGIE MEDAL (5 novels shortlisted to date).Marcus makes around 40 school visits a year, to a total of around 10,000 students, including 6 trips to Europe.Marcus's previous novel, Midwinterblood, won the prestigious 2014 Michael L. Printz Award.Marcus and Julian's graphic novel, DARK SATANIC MILLS, has been optioned by Ileen Maisel. DEATH IS FOR THE LIVING is now in development with director Liliana Cavani (who made The Night Porter).Marcus' first adult novel, A Love Like Blood, will be published by Mulholland in Spring 2014.Readers Notes included at the back of the book.Major publicity campaign on publication.Bound proofs available.

Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben is an international number one bestselling thriller author. He is the winner of the Edgar, Shamus, and Anthony Awards - the first to receive all three. His books are published in forty languages, with over forty-seven million copies in print worldwide.

Both his standalone thrillers and series featuring the indomitable Myron Bolitar have been number one bestsellers in over a dozen countries, gracing the lists of the Sunday Times and the New York Times. His novel Tell No One was turned into the smash hit French film of the same name, and received the highly coveted Lumiere (French Golden Globe) for best picture as well as four Cesars (French Oscar). Harlan lives in New Jersey with his family.

Siege and Storm

By Leigh Bardugo
Irresistible. Epic. Addictive. The second part of New York Times bestselling author Leigh Bardugo's fantasy romance. Alina and Mal are on the run. But they can't run forever. This is glorious, sweeping fantasy and the romance to end all romances.

"The Hunger Games meets Potter meets Twilight meets Lord of the Rings meets Game of Thrones; basically epic magical fantasy but completely for grown-ups." STYLIST MAGAZINE

The first book was Shadow and Bone. Now Alina's story continues.

Darkness never dies. Alina and Mal are on the run. Hunted and haunted, but together at last, they can't outrun Alina's past or her destiny forever.

The Darkling has emerged from the Shadow Fold with a terrifying new power and he needs Alina to realise his dangerous plan.

There are others who would like to use Alina's gift too. And as her power grows, somehow, she must choose between her country, her power, and her love - or risk losing everything to the oncoming storm.

Glorious. Epic. Irresistible. Romance. Perfect for fans of Kristin Cashore and Laini Taylor.

Leigh is a writer of the best kind because she loves her characters and the world they live in and makes a reader jealous that they can't visit it. There is magic in these pages.Siege and Storm carries on the fantastic plot which was so intricately carved in book one, and the writing continues to be clever, funny and heartbreaking all at the same time. This book will have you laughing one minute and an emotional wreck the next, as Alina's powers are pushed to the limit and her relationships are tested to breaking point. I for one cannot wait for the third and final book.Siege and Storm is a fantastic sequel to last year's debut SHADOW & BONE. In fact, it was even better. It had everything I loved about the first book-the world-building, the incredible characters, the immersive writing-and more. My heart! This book is truly epic, filled with oodles of imagination and entertainment.I was away on the ships and wandering through Ravka with Alina and Mal, I was on the receiving end of his kisses and his annoyances. I felt the sun warm the pages whenever Alina summoned and I felt the fear when The Darkling was around. There is nothing I don't love about the world in which the Grisha trilogy is set and I cannot wait until next year to see how this series is going to conclude.

I wrote a piece here gushing about why the Grisha series is so different and so special. There are many small reasons that all come together to create the awesomeness. But there are also many more that I can't even explain. Maybe it is different because it is just magic. It has the most exquisitely constructed world, the best-written characters, the most amazing writing and storyline. And it always always always leaves me desperate for more. It always leaves me aching, foaming at the mouth, for more: right now. And that, perhaps, is why it is so special. It is magic. It is beautiful. It is perfect.

Well, except for that cliffhanger. How am I meant to make it a whole year with that hanging over my head?!

Leigh Bardugo, you sure know how to involve your readers and make them an emotional wreck. Siege and Storm is an enthralling sequel that seriously ups the game and expectations of the reader. It is written so beautifully that is flows flawlessly while keeping the magic alive in the readers mind. If you want to read a fantasy series that has a truly unique world then read this series....a strong and satisfying sequel solidifying my belief that The Grisha Trilogy will go down as one of my favourite series of all time.Wow, wow, wow - that's all I can say. Siege and Storm only confirms that Leigh Bardugo is a must-read author for all teenage bookworms and fantasy fans! Set in a beautiful and magical fictional land, the novel draws you in with its vivid imagery and unique array of characters... If you haven't entered the world of Grisha yet, then why on earth not?! I mean, you know a novel is superb when words fail you and you just can't coherently speak anymore... right?In so many series the second book is a huge let-down. Siege and Storm? An exception. It is a squillion times better than Shadow and Bone... I adore the writing - it's so lyrical, so beautiful, yet so modern and witty and funny. I love this blend of classic fairytale and modern day. And it always seems to leave me wanting more! And the plot was amazing too. It was just nonstop action, nonstop thrills, nonstop suspense and nonstop excitement. I gobbled it up, falling harder in love each time. And then having my heart totally broken. Numerous times... I didn't see ninety-nine percent of the twists coming and could have just read this three-hundred-odd-paged-book in one sitting! You know, if I didn't need sleep and food and stuff...... worth reading for the adept worldbuilding and the surprises in the plot. I would read it for the character of Sturmhond alone. As he so eloquently puts it, "I have so many good qualities. It can be hard to choose."

Leigh Bardugo was born in Jerusalem, raised in Los Angeles and graduated from Yale University. She indulges her fondness for glamour, ghouls and costuming in her other life as a make-up artist in Hollywood, and can occasionally be heard singing with her band, Captain Automatic.

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This glorious fantasy romance is the second in a brand new trilogy, published on the Indigo list and perfect for the YA market.The first book, SHADOW AND BONE, debuted at No. 8 on the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller list.Highly marketable YA novelist.Harry Potter producer David Heyman and Dreamworks have optioned film rights in the trilogy.Commercial and compelling: a romance to rival TWILIGHT, with a great magical concept, strong characterisation and an intriguing Russian setting.Fantastic overseas buzz: US rights were acquired by Holt in an 8-party auction and German rights have just been auctioned.Territories: World ex USA and Canada.

Cruel Summer

By James Dawson
A group of friends enjoy a long, hot summer in a Mediterranean villa - until someone starts killing them one by one...

A year after the suicide of one of their friends, the rest of the group decide to spend the summer together in a holiday villa in the Mediterranean. They're hoping to get over the terrible events of the previous year, but then a new guest arrives - claiming to have evidence that the suicide was actually murder. When she is found dead, it becomes clear that the killer must be one of them - but who is it? And will they strike again?

A compelling psychological thriller - with a dash of romance.

With a lively cast of characters, each with their own unexpected secrets to hide, plenty of twists and turns and a glamorous Mediterranean setting, this is an entertaining and accessible mystery that will keep readers guessing as they try to work out 'whodunnit'. A perfect poolside summer read.

James Dawson is a primary school teacher with a passion for music and drama.

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A gripping thriller with a delicious twist!Taps into every teen's love of scary thrillers.James Dawson was the first male author ever to be shortlisted for the much coveted QUEEN OF TEEN AWARD!HOLLOW PIKE received great reviews and this author writes teen voices brilliantly.HOLLOW PIKE has proved internationally popular, selling in numerous foreign rights deals.

Sara Grant

Sara Grant is an American living in the UK. Sara graduated from Indiana University with degrees in journalism and psychology. She now works as an editor, creating series fiction for children. She lives in London with her husband.

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The Dark and Hollow Places

By Carrie Ryan
The terrifying and heart-breaking new novel from bestselling author Carrie Ryan.

THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH introduced us to Mary and took us into her world - a world where decades after The Return mankind is hanging on to survival surrounded by the endless hordes of the undead; the Unconsecrated.

A novel of extraordinary power and imagination, FOREST took you to the centre of a terrible future and showed you that even there the hardest decisions are the decisions of the heart.

A companion novel, THE DEAD TOSSED WAVES, followed in Spring 2010 and this novel will continue Ryan's superb story.

Perfect for readers looking for their next injection of supernatural thrills and dread, the series has already proved to be a word-of-mouth sensation, powered by extraordinary internet activity.

Carrie Ryan lives in North Carolina with her partner. She trained to be a lawyer before becoming a full-time writer.THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH is an international sensation.Printed six times in three months in the US.Printed three times before publication in Australia - sold 10,500 copies.The hardback received sensational reviews and was a genuine word-of-mouth hit.

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By Kristin Cashore
Bitterblue has a fractured kingdom to heal - and the poisonous shadow of a mad king to lift from her people - in this beautifully told adventure.

The long-awaited companion to the NEW YORK TIMES bestsellers GRACELING and FIRE.

Eight years have passed since the young Princess Bitterblue, and her country, were saved from the vicious King Leck. Now Bitterblue is the queen of Monsea, and her land is at peace.

But the influence of her father, a violent psychopath with mind-altering abilities, lives on. Her advisers, who have run the country on her behalf since Leck's death, believe in a forward-thinking plan: to pardon all of those who committed terrible acts during Leck's reign; and to forget every dark event that ever happened. Monsea's past has become shrouded in mystery, and it's only when Bitterblue begins sneaking out of her castle - curious, disguised and alone - to walk the streets of her own city, that she begins to realise the truth. Her kingdom has been under the 35-year long spell of a madman, and now their only chance to move forward is to revisit the past. Whatever that past holds.

Two thieves, who have sworn only to steal what has already been stolen, change her life forever. They hold a key to the truth of Leck's reign. And one of them, who possesses an unidentified Grace, may also hold a key to her heart...

Kristin Cashore is an award-winning author in the fantasy and YA genre. She has an M.A. in children's literature and has lived in Pennsylvania, Florida, Sydney, Cambridge, Austin, Italy and even London before settling, for the moment, in Boston.Kristin Cashore is one of Gollancz's bestselling authors.Kristin Cashore has publishing deals in 17 territories around the world. She was acquired in pre-empt deals for six of those, and at auction for all of the others.Her readership is growing all the time.GRACELING and FIRE have both sold more than 100,000 copiesGRACELING was selected as one of the best books of 2008 by PUBLISHERS WEEKLY and the SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL.FIRE was recognised as one of the best novels of 2009, and won the prestigious MYTHOPOEIC AWARD for YA literature.